How do you organize your photos on your computer? ☆

Digital cameras make it much easier to take photos so people actually end up with more photos than they had before but most people just leave them on their computer instead of getting them developed.   But what do you do with your photos so you can find them, do you organize them or just have them all piled together in the pictures file?



Eleanor at Granny Blogger says

I do organize my pictures to some extent. I have a folder called “Old old pictures” which contains pictures from way back that I have scanned. The more recent pictures are in folders as well but each picture has to be renamed after I upload it from my camera. Perhaps there is a way to do this as you are uploading but I don’t know how to do this. The folders usually have dates so I can find my pictures.

Carol at Motivated to Learn says

I am not very good at organizing my photos. Once in a while I label them when I save, although with a lot of similar photos I’m not sure what to do. For example, it would be something like ‘family1’, then ‘family2’ and so on. Not very easy to find. I also try to create folders that are specific to a time or event, but often my photos are on my camera for a good while and can span many days and many events, so the folder ends up being a catch-all rather than the tidy filing system I would like. And the majority of my photos, although in a folder, are labeled by number only, since that’s the way the camera names them. Then it really is a big, unorganized mess. The only thing that makes me feel better about my whole lack of a system is the fact that many of my clients save their photos in the same haphazard way that I do.

Bridget at photos by Bridget says

I am ashamed to say I am not all that great about organizing my photos even thou I take thousands of them.  I have my photos organized by year, month and event but that is as far as I go, I don’t name or tag all my photos so I still have trouble sometimes finding the one I am looking for.


Melanie at Melanie Bremner says

I don’t really have a proper organizational method for keeping my photos on my computer organized but I do try to make separate folders based on each event and group by month and year and then if I upload to a photo site, I then re-save or put in a more detailed description of the image for better recall.

Kyle at Learn A Mac says

I use iPhoto on my Mac and Picasa on my PC. Both are pretty straight forward and easy to use and work perfectly for the small amount I use them.


Now it’s your turn, do you have a way of organizing your photos you would like to share?


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Ancestry – Information Overload? ☆


Being a member of was originally quite wonderful and I gained many, many facts about my husband’s family and about my family.  Our tree has grown to almost unmanageable proportions and I find it very time consuming to be able to keep up with all the suggestions (hints from other members) related to all of the ancestors.  I would like to be able to go further back but the branches just seem to grow and flourish outwards only.


When I look at my list of persons, I can’t be quite sure in which section of the tree this or that person belongs and who they are in relation to the other ancestors.  For instance I just looked at the name Archibald Milloy and could not relate this person until (after looking at his tree) that this Archibald was my husband’s great-great grandfather on his mother’s side.

By looking at the above portion of the family tree it is easy to work your way back up from his grandfather to his great-great grandfather.

Do you find this easy or difficult to follow?

Please comment and voice your opinion.

To your researching success,

Eleanor McCallum

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Create Videos ☆


Here we are again with another review of a Clockwork Recipe.  This one is entitled

Clockwork Recipe For Animated Commission Generators

Sounds pretty interesting, don’t you think?  Actually I was quite intrigued with the idea of creating animation.  This Clockwork recipe teaches you how to use a simple point-and-click online animator to create videos. No need to stand in front of a camera. No need to record your voice. Just give it the script and the animator will create a promotional video for you.

I can’t wait to get started with this myself.  Click this link to learn more Animation

To your animation fun,

Eleanor McCallum

PS: Kevin Riley’s Clockwork Recipes are a wonderful way to learn, so please do click this Animation link.

PPS: For a limited time you can get this great product for more than 50% off. Click this link Animation Discount

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Creating Animation Videos ☆

I have just discovered a new place where I can create animated videos.  This is my first attempt but it is so much fun that I am sure the next ones I create will be much better.  I will reveal more in future posts.

How To Create A Website by emmyhaydon on GoAnimate

Animation Maker – Powered by GoAnimate.

You can create amazing animated videos with the Go Animate program; videos for fun, for lessons and for your business.

You could set up a series of lessons on the ways to use certain computer programs, for instance.  You can record these videos quickly and easily, using your own voice or one of their animated voices.

There are several sample videos on their website, so visit the site, have fun, record & animate.

To your animation success,












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Seven Tips for Beating the Summer Heat ☆

Summer is here and when the weather gets warm, everyone wants to enjoy a little fun in the sun. If your job or your leisure activities have you spending a lot of time out of doors, you might want to learn a few tips about beating the heat.

The home where I live is on a lake so we get a lot of cool breezes but the sun is still very hot especially between noon and 3.00 pm on those hot summer days.

Did you know that the sun is actually a star? It burns more than a million times hotter than what we feel. When its radiation reaches us it is manageable, but it can still do damage to our bodies.

The skin is not the only part of you that is affected, even though it is a large problem. Skin cancer is no laughing matter. Lots of time spent in the sun, especially without protection, can damage the inner as well as the outer layers of the largest organ of the body.

So, when you think about heading out in hot weather, take care to protect yourself and your family. Here are seven ways to protect yourself when the weather gets warm:

1. Wear light colored clothing – Dark colors absorb heat. You could be raising your temperature by several degrees before you even start any type of activity. Choose lightweight fabrics that breathe like cotton. Another option is breathable synthetics like fitness wear that is made to wick away the moisture from your body.

2. Wear sun protection – If you don’t want to block out all of the sun’s rays, then at least wear sunscreen. It will protect you from the more harmful ultraviolet rays. Try a formula that is waterproof so that when you sweat it won’t wash off.

3. Plan activities for certain times – Plan on going outdoors when the sun isn’t highest in the sky. That would be early in the morning, later in the afternoon, or in the evening after the sun has gone down. (more…)

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Together Time ☆

Part of getting your family “in shape” is learning to communicate better and spend more time together. While you clean, you’re together for the most part; but why not combine cleaning with a nice reward that involves together time, such as a game night or movie and pizza night, or a special family trip to an amusement park or other family fun activity.


Make cleaning into an active game. Set up homemade hoops over trash bags, recycling bins, and/or trash cans and encourage everyone to make baskets with trash…trash that can’t make a mess if someone misses! You can even keep score.

You can make this a daily or weekly event and encourage your kids to move and clean – laundry, toys, personal items into a backpack – all kinds of things can be approached with the item-through-the-hoop idea.


Another word on music. Even if you don’t get into the dance thing, playing music can really help motivate everyone and get them moving. Why not let your kids pick the music? Each child gets to take turns choosing his or her favorite music for that day’s/week’s cleaning session, regardless of age or type of music (as long as it is not music that is offensive and/or against your household rules).

Don’t forget Mom and Dad get to choose music, too. You’ll get quite a variety this way! And if you’re “playing your song” you might want to get moving a lot more.

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Get Your House and Family in Shape! ☆


Exercise is vital for health, and families are more and more conscious of its importance. Families are getting more interested in family fitness, but they may not think there’s time to do it. Here’s an idea: why not get your house and family in shape by combining house cleaning with family fitness and together time? Here are some ideas and tips.

Creative Moves

Housework is exercise; there’s no doubt about it. But if you really want to make it into a family fitness activity, you might need to get creative with the moves. This can be a lot of fun, and laughter is good for everyone’s health! Here are some tips.
* Squats and Lunges – These classic workout moves can be utilized for household chores. One person can do squats while cleaning out the fridge – squat, get an item, then hand it to another family member who can do a lunge toward the garbage can to throw it out.

Squats can be included in a lot of housecleaning tasks – pretty much anything that involves reaching down. Squats are better for your back anyhow.

* Dance – Why not create a fun cleaning dance? Put on some music like the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy and dust or mop with exaggerated ballet moves. More modern music can have a motivational beat and make cleaning more like a dance party than a chore.

Next up – Together Time – Tomorrow.

To your Spring shape up,

Eleanor McCallum




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Things to Do in Atlanta-Take a Visit to Rhodes Hall ☆

On my first visit to Atlanta my granddaughter & I visited Rhodes Hall “The Castle On Peachtree Street” here in Atlanta. If you are looking for things to do in Atlanta, taking a visit to Rhodes Hall is an excellent choice.

The castle was built by Amos Rhodes as a permanent residence between 1902 and 1904. He called it “Le Reve” or “The dream”.

After Amos Rhodes’ death in 1928, his family deeded the house to the State of Georgia for historical purposes.

If you were to visit Atlanta, I recommend going to Rhodes Hall and taking your camera because they do allow you to take pictures inside as well as outside.

Here are some pictures of the outside of Rhodes Hall.


Eleanor in front of Rhodes Hall

This one is a distant picture but that is me standing in front of Rhodes Hall.

Here is a large picture of the inside of Rhodes Hall.  The hostess who greeted us on our visit was very gracious and allowed my granddaughter Bridget Greenwood to take as many pictures as she wished.






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Picture Experiment ☆






This picture experiment is for the purpose of finding out which plugin installed on this website had been interfering with the ability to upload any picture to my blog.

The process involves deactivating all plugins to begin with & then reactivating them one at a time.  After each one is activated I will insert a picture into this post, mention the successful or unsuccessful picture upload and eventually determine the culprit plugin.

After reactivating Akismet, the picture above was successfully uploaded.



After reactivating Audio Player I was able to upload this picture.

Now I believe I have found the culprit plugin.  I reactivated Blog Saga and now I cannot upload any picture.  I will  reactivate all the rest of the plugins after deactivating Blog Saga & then check my ability to upload pictures. Then I will check the settings for Blog Saga & see what I discover.

OK After reactivating all but 3 of the remaining plugins I was able to upload this picture.




I just uploaded this picture of last summer’s flowers out on our deck, after activating the final 3 plugins.









The last test concerns the Flickr plugin that I really enjoy using so here is a Flickr picture.

by sridgway under CC BY  with



I hope this post has been at least a bit understandable but if not I hope you like the pictures.

My best to you,

Eleanor McCallum

PS I did manage to get Blog Saga to work and created an ebook from some of my previous posts.  Blog Saga is a wonderful plugin so what I need to do in future is deactivate it before inserting a picture in any post and only reactivate it when I want to create another ebook from some more of my posts.

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Using Spreadsheets for Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft ☆

Several years ago my husband needed help to keep track of baseball player statistics for the fantasy baseball mock draft in which he was involved.

At that time I was using a Lotus 123 spreadsheet program but later was introduced to Excel which I found much easier to use.

The purpose of these first spreadsheets, as I mentioned earlier, was to keep track of my husband’s baseball fantasy league player statistics.

The drafts related to these fantasy leagues are conducted in a similar fashion to actual big league drafts. In a fantasy league,however, all the active players in a real league (in our case it was the American Division of Major League Baseball) are eligible for the draft. Because of this format, we had to keep our own stats for each of the players that my husband Bill had drafted for his fantasy team which consisted of many players from several different teams of an actual Major League Division.

If all this sounds very confusing, it certainly was to me at the time. Eventually, after laying it all out on paper, we came up with a solution – use the Excel spreadsheet to enter each player’s statistics with formulas resulting in averages for the players and totals for Bill’s very own team.

I remember Bill being so excited when he was invited to select a team of his own in the “Rotisserie League” that he could hardly sleep the night before the draft.

From that day on, we became very busy (even though we were retired) with keeping his team stats up to date so that the monetary value of his team’s players was alway available. Whenever another owner would approach him concerning a trade or negotiation of any kind, he was prepared to talk.

There are countless numbers of these fantasy leagues on the internet and among friends and families in almost every sport you could mention.

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