A Healthier You In A Few Easy Steps ☆

In today’s world, there are many more people paying attention to nutrition. Many have found it difficult to know what is nutritious, and what is harmful, for the body. The information contained here will assist you in your goal to finding out the truth regarding nutrition.

Fiber is absolutely necessary for daily functioning. Breads, cereals, brown rice, and some fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. If you are not going to be able to eat 20-25 grams of fiber a day, consider a supplement. These supplements take many shapes, such as tablets, capsules and even mixable powders.

You need to ensure you give your fitness plans as much priority as every other item you have planned in your diary that day. To eliminate the excuse that you are too busy to work out, set aside a specific time for exercising each day.

Consider adding more soy products to your meals because they have benefits in lowering your cholesterol to a healthy level. Soy burgers, tofu and soy beans are tasty products that are made of soy. It is a very good addition to any diet. (more…)

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Animoto for My MP4 Creation ☆

I recently got into trying out this free software/service called Animoto.
I just made a short clip with pictures around my home and music added.  This was quick and easy and such fun.

Click this link to watch and listen.  

Make your own slide show at Animoto. It really is a fun way to spend your time and you may be surprised with what you can put together.



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Fear Of Flying ☆

Fear of flying receives more attention than most phobias such as claustrophobia because air travel is often difficult for people to avoid.


Some children are introduced to air travel at an early age and I have even seen babies as young as six weeks of age on some of the flights I have been on in recent years.

One of my granddaughters began her flying trips at a young age (I don’t remember her exact age but I think she was a pre-schooler) and these trips did not appear to disturb her.

However, an occasion eventually arose when she boarded a flight and even before buckling into her seat, was completely unable to venture any further and left the plane immediately.

Perhaps ten years later, after numerous automobile road trips, train trips & bus trips she tried to tackle her fear of flying in a new way.  She arranged a short flight with a pilot in a small airplane.  The flight was successful and she felt quite good about it but it was a far cry from traveling over many miles on a commercial airline.

I have recently become acquainted with a mode of travel that I am sure she would be happy with, and since she lives not far from the Atlantic Ocean, it would be ideal for her.  Of course, I am referring to a cruise ship.

My recent acquaintance with the folks at No Fly Cruising.com has prompted me to write this article about my granddaughter.

They have a free “No Fly Cruising” book on their website which I am planning to sign up for today.

Be sure to visit the No Fly Cruising website and see all the great cruise information there.  No Fly Cruising

To your traveling pleasure,
Eleanor McCallum





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Easy Keyboard Songs-Learn to Play Fur Elise ☆

Fur Elise is a song that comes as a demo with most electronic piano keyboards. Some people feel that this is a simple song only for beginners.   However, it is much more than that.   It is a beautiful classical work of art as you will hear in the following video. Easy keyboard songs such as this are the perfect thing to practice with.

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Selling Digital Products Using E-Junkie ☆

E-junkie is not only for selling digital products, you can read all about this many faceted service and see for yourself.  In addition to selling there is a facility provided at E-Junkie whereby you can publish a newsletter to keep in touch with your buyers.

E-Junkie Review

E-junkie is basically a comprehensive distribution service of digital electronic products as well as physical goods available for anyone who has a product to sell.

They feature a marketplace to list your product and provide all the necessary payment processing and delivery of eGoods.

Simple, cheap and convenient to use. E-junkie provides the necessary buttons for a shopping cart and/or “Buy Now” that are easy to copy and paste onto your web page.

It is one of the few online ecommerce merchant marketplaces that allows for listing and selling both downloadable products as well as tangible goods.

A particularly great feature is that E-junkie hosts the digital product for you, collects payment then automatically sends the customer an email with the download link.

There aren’t any additional fees for anything either! Just the monthly charge of $5.

E-junkie also provides you with the opportunity to set-up an affiliate program with an extremely easy process to pay commissions via PayPal.

The range of customization of all automated communications with customers is also excellent.

I just don’t understand the eJunkie logo of what I think appears like a black demon blinking his eyes. It’s a bit disconcerting at first.

In my opinion, there simply isn?t a cheaper, easier, or better place to list and sell your products on the internet. The flexibility alone is well worth $5 a month. With all of the competition out there, finding an easy system that has you set up within only a short time is definitely an asset for many small business owners looking to grow their business online.

$5 a month to list up to 10 products and utilize 50MB of storage for your eproduct.

Product Review provided by E-Junkie Web Marketing Tool

To your web marketing success,

Eleanor McCallum

PS Become a member of E-Junkie by clicking the icon below.

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

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Quick Facts about Toronto for Those Looking to Move or Visit ☆

When I was a young girl attending public school in the 1930’s, my city of Toronto, Canada had a population of less than one hundred thousand people. Now there are over 2.5 million people living here and of course it is still growing with the greater Metropolitan area of T.O.being a little over 5 million(this includes surrounding smaller cities such as Mississauga,Pickering, Ajax, and Markham).

One of the most important facts about Toronto that others like to know about is the population size of this capital city.  When people are looking to move here now, a big population often means greater opportunities for business and jobs and for many a chance at a better life than where they are coming from.

While the population is not large compared to some cities in the far East such as Osaka, Japan, where my present day mentor and teacher Kevin Riley lives (Osaka has a population of over twelve million people), it is still one of the largest and most popular in Canada.

It is so great to be able to reach people not only in Toronto or Osaka but anywhere in the world via the internet.

I met Kevin Riley in person when he went to Atlanta, Georgia and I was able to be there too. If it were not for the internet none of these connections could have taken place. This is the reason I have nothing but praise for the World Wide Web.

I went to Atlanta again in August 2011 for nams 6.  My daughter, granddaughter and great-grandson were there too.  We learned a lot and met some wonderful internet marketers and made several new friends. Being able to share quick facts about Toronto like this, is what makes for great conversations and learning opportunities when meeting with so many people of different places from around the world.


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Website Hosting Services ☆

Online blog hosting

Over the past several years I have set up a number of websites and used the services of 5 different Website Hosting services.

I will explain some of the features of these services and compare prices, ease of use and the capabilities of their Cpanels.

The hosting services I am familiar with are:
1. Netfirms
2. Host Papa
3. Host Monster
4. Host4Profit
5. Host Gator

Four of these allow you to set up a website using WordPress. Host4Profit have their very own wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) process for designing and publishing a website.

Host Papa, Host Monster and Host Gator feature Cpanel with its groups of icons for Mail, Links, Preferences, Logs, Files, Security & Software/Services.

Using Fantastico, which is the most commonly used Software for building a WordPress website,  a site can be initiated and easily set up by anyone.

With regard to pricing, the monthly fee for each of these website hosting services is probably within the same ballpark. Once you have made your choice, the ability to add-on more domains for no extra cost is a bonus.

Host4Profit will allow an additional domain to be hosted for five dollars extra each month. I really don’t see the advantage of paying this added cost, when you can add on a domain for the same monthly price, using Host Papa, Host Monster and Host Gator.

Netfirms seems to be geared to people that have little or no knowledge of web hosting so it is a very good web host for a Newbie to use.

I have been advised by those in the know however, that when you register a website through a particular web host, it is best not to use them for your monthly hosting, e.g. you register a new website at GoDaddy or Namecheap. You would then arrange monthly hosting with one of the website hosting services I mention here or any other that you might choose (but not the web host that is your registrar).

To your blogging success,

Eleanor McCallum

How to Get the Best Web Hosting Service for Your Web Site or Blog
by: Sheryl Schuff, CPA http://SherylSchuff.com
publisher: http://SherylSchuff.com, published: 2010-12-06
sales rank: 451003

This book will explain how to choose the best web hosting service for your web site or blog, without spending a lot of money, signing a contract, or learning techno-geek-speak.

Sheryl Schuff, CPA, author, teacher, and personal financial coach writes in plain and simple English, telling you the questions you MUST ask when evaluating possible web hosting services.

She also explains what the answers mean and describes how to choose the best web hosting service even if you don’t understand any of the technical terms they use.

Sheryl explains how to sign up for web hosting without signing a long term contract and without spending more than a few dollars to get started.

She recommends choosing a web hosting service that allows you to install WordPress (the most popular free blogging software on the planet) with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Sheryl includes instructions in the book for how you can get a free copy of her “Getting Started With WordPress” report.

This book is perfect for people who are just getting started with an on-line business web site or blog. It’s also helpful for folks who are frustrated with their choice of web hosting services and ready to change to a better and easier way of maintaining their web sites and blogs.


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Internet Home Business – 6 Places to Research ☆

How to blog successfully.

For the past few weeks I have been gathering information on some online blogs and helpful websites.  I would like to pass this along to my visitors so that you can check them out for yourselves.   Here is the list. Running an internet home business doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right tools and resources to help you grow.

  1. bloggerlinkup.com
  2. tweetgrid.com
  3. affiliateblogonline.com
  4. fiverr.com
  5. screenr.com
  6. hubpages.com

I have created clickable links to each of these so that you can visit each site directly from this page.

When you have checked a few of these out please come back here and comment.  Let me know if you would like to see more websites that would help you with your own internet home business.

Eleanor McCallum

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Affiliate Marketing Tools-MyNAMS Membership ☆

If you are looking to get started making money with affiliate marketing, then you need the right affiliate marketing tools. I just took a look at my MyNAMS Membership and was totally amazed at all of the tools, videos, audios, webinar replays, etc. available to me.  Here is my list.

MyNAMS Annual Membership

Members Only Content
NAMS 100
NAMS 200
NAMS 300
NAMS 400
The Library
Royalty Free Music
NAMS6 Audio
MyNAMS Public Forum
Free Affiliate Training
NAMS5Deep Dive Sessions

I signed up for the membership program and also for NAMS7 at the discounted prices.  You can do that right now also just by clicking the banner below. This is one of the best affiliate marketing tools available for such an affordable price. This membership is perfect for those just starting out or even for more experienced marketers who are looking to make more money.

February 10th – 12th, 2012 Niche Affiliate Marketing System Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The only way to get a ticket to NAMS7 is to become a MyNams Member. Use the Coupon Code MyNAMS85 to get an 85% discount.

  • To your affiliate marketing success!Eleanor McCallum
  • PS Don’t wait any longer to change your life. Click the banner to join now!

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Blogging Tips ☆

Read on for some great blogging tips.

For the beginning blogger, here is a procedure you could follow.

Step One – Come up with a name for your blog, related to the subject you intend to blog about, for instance – Organizing Your Computer.  Look for something original such as computerchaos.com  or computermess.com.  There should be lots of ideas you could come up with.

Step Two – After deciding what to blog about, go and register a domain name related to that particular subject. Try out a few names to see if they are available.

There are free registrars on the internet such as WordPress and Blogger but if you use one of these your name will show up as “YourDomainName.Wordpress.com” or “YourDomainName.Blogger.com”

If you would like to use a free hosting service, you can register at www.wordpress.com for a free wordpress blog.   Or register for a free blogger blog at www.blogger.com

The following are some blogging tips for setting up a free blogger blog.

At the Blogger website you can set your blog up in 3 easy steps.

1. Create an account

2. Name your blog

3. Choose a Template

Blogger is now owned and operated by Google, the search engine, which they acquired from a small company, Prya Labs, in 2003. (more…)

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