Niche Affiliate Marketing ☆

Earlier this week I returned from NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems) in Atlanta Georgia, where I attended as many of the workshops as I was able to.

It was very exciting to arise before 7 am with my 3 roommates, get down to the hotel restaurant for a delicious breakfast and be in the main meeting room by 8:15 where the very punctual David Perdew began the day with prizes and giveaways.  He then outlined the available workshops with advice as to which ones in which we should participate.

Once again, I met some wonderful people, some for the first time and others that I now consider dear friends.

My daughter Carol, granddaughter Bridget and great-grandson Kyle attended with me which made for 4 generations, so you can see how popular this event is. In all there were over 200 registered attendees.

If such a great event is appealing to you read on to find out how you can change your life beginning today! (more…)

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The other day I attended another of AWeber’s webinars given by one of the talented members of their education team over at His name is Jay Moore and his presentation was very easy to listen to and he had some excellent slides to show.  I can’t directly pinpoint him in the picture of the team above but I know he is there.

If you are not an AWeber customer or even if you are, try to attend one of these excellent webinars at some time in the future.

Eleanor McCallum

PS If you have an AWeber account here is where you will see the sign-up area for any upcoming webinar.  If you do not have an AWeber Account, you can get one by filling out the following form.


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AWeber-The Best Autoresponder for Building a List ☆

If you are running any kind of online business today, then you really must be building a list of subscribers. These subscribers can be customers, leads or merely those who are interested in hearing more from you. In order to build a list, you need an autoresponder. While there are many autoresponder services on the market today, Aweber has earned it’s reputation and is known to be the best autoresponder for building a list(I have had no problems at all in all the time I have been using them).

Watch the following Video About the most loved autoresponder service used today. You can also visit this page for lessons on using AWeber.

Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

You owe it to yourself and your business to get started with Aweber and see just how much it can allow you to grow your income and customer base. This is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

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Helpful People-A Look Back Through Life and Business ☆

The helpful people in my life and career keep coming back to me in sometimes fond memories.

Having had a military career, an accounting career, a homemaking career as wife and mother, this allows for a bit of story telling.

With a steaming cup of coffee at my desk I sometimes look back on my previous accounting career and the best part I recall is the helpful people with whom I worked.

From my granddaughter who started as a receptionist in a fairly large company to become accounting manager and later general manager of the company, all the way back to my first office job right out of high school.

Of course every aspect of business, large or small, has evolved with almost unbelievable leaps and bounds since the advent of the electronic age.

In my first bookkeeping position, the helpful person I remember was the business owner’s wife. Although she was rather strict (maybe I needed that at the time) she did teach me the basics and kept me interested in the job for some time.

I can recall each office position in the accounting area of the companies I worked for and the people involved. (more…)

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Kobo Ebook Reader-Electronic Reading ☆

One of the biggest crazes to hit the market today in this high tech world is the invention of  ebook reader devices for electronic reading.

The Kobo Ebook Reader – 10 features

I just recently purchased a Kobo Reader and I would like to list the features in this blog post as a review for my visitors.

  1. The reader holds over one thousand books thus freeing your bookshelves of tons of space.
  2. Books can be downloaded to your computer from the Kobo website where all the latest best sellers, books from the latest movies, etc. can be obtained and then added to you personal reader.
  3. The reader is similar in size to an ipad and weighs very little.
  4. The reader can be held in one hand.
  5. Turning pages is a simple one button press.
  6. The reader will keep track of all the books you have uploaded and stipulate what percentage each book has been read.
  7. When a certain book has been selected the Kobo Reader will open it at the page on which it was previously being read thus creating an automatic bookmark.
  8. The Kobo website has several free books available as well as those that may be purchased at very reasonable prices.
  9. If you are reading a book and are called away from your reading, the Kobo Reader will go into sleep mode until you return and push power once again.
  10. At the end of the day or when you are finished reading, you simply hold the power button for a few seconds and your Kobo ebook Reader will be powered off.

To your reading enjoyment,

Eleanor McCallum

35% off Kobo ebooks

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Sign of Spring-Enjoy the Moments ☆

The Geese at Chalk LakeThis is a family of geese that visited us last year here on Chalk Lake.  I imagine the little ones will be all grown up now and ready to come visit us again. This is one sign of spring that I look forward to.

Just the sight of this family brings a desire for warmer weather and hope for all the wonderful occasions planned this year, including a a Tennessee wedding in July and a trip to Atlanta in August for the Niche Affiliate Marketing Seminar.



Happy Spring To All.

Eleanor McCallum

Enjoy reading these fun books with your little ones to help teach them to appreciate Mother Nature and all of the seasons.

Signs of Spring
by: Justine Fontes
publisher: Mondo Publishing, published: 2002-03-01
ASIN: 1590341899
EAN: 9781590341896
sales rank: 1304811
price: $8.97 (new), $0.01 (used)

On the way to school one day Lucy and her two friends find many signs of spring, from buds on the trees to blades of grass.

Signs of Spring
by: Patrick Quinn
publisher: Eagle Creek Pubns, published: 1995-02
ASIN: 0964504804
EAN: 9780964504806
sales rank: 5204722
price: $3.99 (new), $0.01 (used)

Deep in the Minnesota north woods, twelve-year-old hearing-impaired Eddie learns the true meaning of home and gains knowledge of his Indian culture from his great-grandfather.

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Kevin Riley Interview with Granny ☆

Last week and this week we are attending the virtual NAMS workshops, specifically NAMS5 and it is crammed with awesome information from several wonderful internet marketers who have given so much of their time and expertise.

In August 2011 we will be attending the live workshops in Atlanta, Georgia. I will post more about that one as I learn the details. Another beautiful benefit of NAMS is that once you sign up for any one, all the material from previous workshops is available to you at no additional cost.

Following is a video we shot in Atlanta last year. Kevin Riley came all the way from Japan to the NAMS conference at the hotel where my daughter, granddaughter and I were staying.

Click here to learn more about NAMS and how it can help you grow your business.

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Ancestry-What is Your Family History? ☆

Searching Through Family History

I have been spending quite a lot of time searching this way on the website.

My mother-in-law told me many years ago that her mother’s maiden name was Weber.

While searching on the ancestry website we were able to trace back through Census, Birth, Marriage & Death certificates to reveal much more of the past and about her family.

Further investigation revealed that the name “Weber” the German version translates into “Weaver” the English version.

I was very confused in my research concerning these two names until my granddaughter enlightened me on this fact.

The Christian names of my mother-in-law’s siblings had me confused as well until another member on the Ancestry website had their German names clarified with their English names.

So now I can carry on and delve deeper into the past history of this part of my late husband’s family and carry on also with delving back into mine.

I have been recommending this website to friends and family, however the cost is quite expensive.  Since I have signed up for a one year membership I need to make use of it though.

They have a fifteen day free trial wherein a credit card number is required but if you don’t cancel before the 15 day period is up, your membership will be automatically renewed and charged to your credit card.

The same goes for a one year membership (or whatever period of time you sign up for).  It will be renewed and you will be charged for a continuing period automatically unless you notify them well in advance of your intention not to continue.

To your researching success,

Eleanor McCallum

If you are interested in finding out your own family history but do not know how to get started, you can check out my Kindle book

Beginners Guide to Genealogy Research
by: Eleanor McCallum
published: 2012-10-27
sales rank: 1229099
available for only $8.12 US.

This book not only gives you advice and sources for beginning your genealogy research but it takes you on an adventure from the late 1800s to the year 2012. Two side trips through the histories of Scotland and Ireland make for some fascinating reading as well. Lots of pictures are peppered throughout the book so that you may become to know the places and the people. The author and publisher sincerely hope that each reader will enjoy the stories and resources contained in this “Beginners Guide To Genealogy Research”.


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How to Scan a Picture Using Windows Vista ☆

The Way To Scan With The Operating System Windows Vista Using Photo Gallery

If you have Windows Vista on your computer and want to scan a picture, with Vista it is not as easy as with other operating systems.  I guess that’s why Microsoft went to Windows 7.

For how to scan a picture using Windows Vista you need to bring up your “Windows Photo Gallery” program.  Then click on “File” and in the dropdown the second thing you see will be “import from camera or scanner”.  Click on that and then on your scanner name.

A screen will come up where you can preview the picture you want to scan.  Scan it Import it and Save it just the way you want it.

That’s it.   It is not so complicated after all when wanting to learn how to scan a picture using Windows Vista.

To your scanning success;

Eleanor McCallum

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Exercise Your Brain-Work on a Sudoku Puzzle ☆

Whenever I want to relax my body & exercise my brain I pick up a pencil & my sudoku puzzle book. If you need to exercise your brain, diving into puzzle books, crosswords or word jumbles are great ways to get the wheels turning and the gears of the brain all primed and ready for knowledge.

You can buy these books at the dollar store and they have 100 or so puzzles in them ranging from easy to very hard.

Don’t get too wrapped up in them though because once your brain is exercised and fit to go to work you will want to concentrate on writing your ebooks or how-to guides.

I have found that playing word games and puzzles on the computer or even with a hand held video game like the Nintendo is a great way to train my brain while still having as much fun as possible(and even more fun with the great grand kids when they come to visit). Below is my choice of what I like to play.

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!
publisher: Nintendo, published: 2006-04-18
EAN: 0045496737542
sales rank: 1303
price: $5.99 (new), $0.26 (used)

Activities include quickly solving simple math problems & counting people going in and out of a house simultaneously. Draw pictures on the Touch Screen, or read classic literature out loud. Play Sudoku, the popular number puzzle game.  

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