Autoresponder Lessons – Lesson 2 – Settings & Opt-In

From AWeber’s Guide – Continued

Contact Address
Make sure that this is the address that you would like associated with your list. This will appear at the bottom of each message that you send – if you need to change this to a different address, just click the Edit link.
Note that a valid postal address is required on all outgoing commercial email under US Federal law, so make sure that you are changing it to a valid address at which you can be reached.

If you’d like to receive a message from AWeber notifying you of when a new subscriber is added to your list and when subscribers unsubscribe from your list and leave you comments, enter the email address you’d like AWeber to send that information to, then click the Add button.

Once you’ve finished with the settings on this page, click the Next Step button at the bottom of the page to go to the Personalize Your List tab. Here, you’ll be able to add some information to customize your list.

Company Branding
There are a few places where your subscribers will be directed to pages hosted on AWeber’s system.  These include the page they see when they click on the unsubscribe and confirmation links.
This is not an entirely necessary section to fill out. In fact, if you’re looking to get setup quickly, I might even recommend skipping it for now. You can always come back later to set this up to brand these pages.

Company Name
Just enter the name of your company here.
Website URL
Enter the address for your website so subscribers can visit from these pages using your link.
Email Signature
Enter a signature or sign-off that you would like to include in your plain text messages
Upload Your Logo
If you have an logo, you can upload it to your AWeber account, and AWeber will display it along with your company information. Click the Upload Your Logo Button to get started.

In the popup that appears, click the Browse button to locate the image you’d like to use, then click the Upload button.

Now, click the button to save your changes here, and click the Next Step button when you are ready to continue.

Confirmed Opt-in
What is Confirmed Opt-in?
SPAM is a serious problem today, with no sign of it getting much better in the near future. To help to battle SPAM, ISPs (the services your subscribers use to get their email) have set standards for the way email campaigns such as yours should be conducted.
One of these standards is referred to commonly as confirmed opt-in. With this feature, when a subscriber is added to a list, they are sent a customized message with a link to click on. Only once they click on the link does their subscription become active.

What does it mean for my account?
Aweber requires this feature for imported subscribers and any subscribers added by sending an email to your autoresponder’s address. There’s a page in your account where you may make changes to the message.
If you make these changes, not only does your reply address show in the messages headers, but your subject will reflect something relevant to the subscriber, as well though this is entirely necessary for imports and subscribers added by email, it is also highly recommended for web form submissions, and is enabled for web forms by default.
Confirmed opt-in provides an audit trail showing that not only did someone put an email address into your sign up form, they’ve also confirmed that request as the only person with access to that address.
This makes it a secure transaction. Anyone can put anyone else’s address into a form to see what’s on the next page (and believe me, it happens a lot), but only the owner of the email address can open that message and click on the link it contains.
Strictly speaking, this feature is an important aspect of any responsible email sender’s campaigns.
I’d make this a tip, but that would be a misnomer. It’s really entirely necessary.

Eleanor McCallum

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