Country Living-A Little Bit of History and Some Benefits


"Country Living"Here in the twenty-first century, I recently lived on a lake for the second time in my life.

There were many years of city living between the first and second period of country living but that is another story for another time.

The first time we lived on a lake, my family of husband, four daughters and baby son lived in a cabin so close to the lake that my daughter Dianne could fish out of our living room window.

She once caught a turtle which caused no small amount of excitement in our home that day.

Aside from that, the girls loved to walk out the front door at Bell’s Lake in their swim suits and jump in the lake to swim. We didn’t have a dock but were able to walk in from a shallow area near the shore. The water wasn’t very deep so all the girls learned to swim and enjoyed their summer’s there.

My husband even enjoyed the winters there until the day he fell through the ice. We were afraid he wouldn’t find his way back up through the hole in the ice but he did and we were all thankful that he was able to sit by the stove to warm up after his ordeal.

There are more than one hundred lakes in this province spanning several hundred miles. Wikipedia lists all of their names; however there are a few private lakes that are not listed there including Chalk Lake and Bell’s Lake.The beauty of the countryside can be seen almost everywhere you go here in Ontario. In autumn, people come from other countries to visit just for the pleasure of viewing our amazing fall colors.

Each and every day I wake up with thankfulness in my heart for the country and province that I live in and of course for my family, all grown up now and extended with grandchildren, great and great-great grandchildren. I have showers of blessings from all directions.

Eleanor McCallum


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