Eat Healthy-Advice for Anyone Who Wants to Adopt More Nutritious Habits

Everyone wants to improve their diet and follow a healthy lifestyle. However, when it comes to improving nutrition, it can be overwhelming. Better nutrition does not mean that you have to change your entire diet all at once. Here are some of the top methods for improving nutrition starting with how to eat healthy.

If you make a grocery list based on what meals you will plan for the week and stick to it, you can eat healthy while saving money. If you know ahead of time what you`ll need to cook, you’ll be better prepared to make nutritious choices and have the items on hand when you need them.

Adding some fun to fruits and veggies can encourage your children to eat more of these nutritious foods. If your child isn’t too young, you can involve them in preparing nutritious food.Eating well and staying healthy is as easy as following these few simple steps. You can look great, no matter how old you are. Educate yourself and implement the helpful hints found above to get on the road to good nutrition.

To your good health, Eleanor McCallum

Don’t Eat This Book: Fast Food and the Supersizing of America
by: Morgan Spurlock
publisher: Putnam Adult, published: 2005-05-19
ASIN: 0399152601
EAN: 9780399152603
sales rank: 125657
price: $3.50 (new), $0.01 (used)

The literary debut of the funniest and most incisive new voice to come along since Michael Moore-and the acclaimed director of the film phenomenon of the year.

Can man live on fast food alone? Morgan Spurlock tried to do just that. For thirty days, he ate nothing but three “squares” a day from McDonald’s as part of an investigation into the effects of fast food on American health. The resulting documentary won him resounding applause and a worldwide release that broke box-office records. Audiences were captivated by Spurlock’s experiment, during which he gained twenty-five pounds, his blood pressure skyrocketed, and his libido all but disappeared.

But this story goes far beyond Spurlock’s good-humored “Mc-Sickness.” He traveled across the country-into schools, hospitals, and people’s homes -to investigate school lunch programs, the marketing of fast food, and the declining emphasis on health and physical education. He looks at why fast food is so tasty, cheap, and ultimately seductive, and what Americans can do to turn the rising tide of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes that have accompanied its ever-growing popularity. He interviewed experts in twenty U.S. cities-from surgeon generals and kids to lawmakers and marketing gurus-who share their research, opinions, and “gut feelings” on our ever-expanding girth and what we can all do to offset a health crisis of supersized proportions.

In this groundbreaking, hilarious book, “benevolent muckraker” Morgan Spurlock debuts a wry investigative voice that will appeal to anyone interested in the health of our country, our children, and ourselves.

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