Exercise Your Brain-Work on a Sudoku Puzzle

Whenever I want to relax my body & exercise my brain I pick up a pencil & my sudoku puzzle book. If you need to exercise your brain, diving into puzzle books, crosswords or word jumbles are great ways to get the wheels turning and the gears of the brain all primed and ready for knowledge.

You can buy these books at the dollar store and they have 100 or so puzzles in them ranging from easy to very hard.

Don’t get too wrapped up in them though because once your brain is exercised and fit to go to work you will want to concentrate on writing your ebooks or how-to guides.

I have found that playing word games and puzzles on the computer or even with a hand held video game like the Nintendo is a great way to train my brain while still having as much fun as possible(and even more fun with the great grand kids when they come to visit). Below is my choice of what I like to play.

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!
publisher: Nintendo, published: 2006-04-18
EAN: 0045496737542
sales rank: 1303
price: $5.99 (new), $0.26 (used)

Activities include quickly solving simple math problems & counting people going in and out of a house simultaneously. Draw pictures on the Touch Screen, or read classic literature out loud. Play Sudoku, the popular number puzzle game.  

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