Finally – Get Things Done


If you are having trouble finishing what you started, here is a suggestion to get you motivated.

We have an accountability group of mostly family members that meets once each week and after catching up on what each of us is doing in our businesses we state any problems we are having and receive advice from each member of the group.

We use google+ hangout which is private for those members in a particular circle ( in our case a circles named “family”).  With google+ you can have several people in different circle groups and that way each person that you add to google+ can be designated to an appropriate circle.

To get back to our weekly accountability meetings, after catching up we then each outline our specific plans for the coming week.  Each one of our meetings is planned for a specific time and all the members informed of the date and time.  In past weeks our sessions have been running for at least two hours and sometimes longer.

When we return each week for the google+ hangout, results of our previous plans are revealed and plans for the following week are outlined once again.

We really enjoy these hangouts and the ability to see and talk to up to ten people is a great way to keep in touch and get us all motivated in our businesses, be it blog updates, lesson preparations or whatever each of us is working on at that particular time.

How do you get motivated?  Have you tried google+ hangout yet?

To your business blogging success,

Eleanor McCallum

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