Good times and Bad Times-Comparing the Past & Present

Yesterday & Today

In today’s world we think of hard times as doing without television, cell phones and the like. When I was growing up in Toronto in the 1930’s, hard times were quite different.

Hard times were when you had to skip a meal here and there and during the years of the Second World War, hard times were when your ration coupons didn’t provide your family with quite enough food.

Good times back then were much different than today as well. Good times today are measured by all of your possessions and the ability to travel and see the world. Good times in the 1930’s and 40’s were measured by all the fun you could have in your own neighbourhood and on special occasions road trips or train trips to country retreats and visits to family members living out of the city.MILWAUKEE PASSENGER TRAIN WITH REA TRUCK 1958a

Of course I have no complaints with the good or bad times of today. I am grateful just to be here to see all the wonderful advancements in industry and science. My interest in computers and the internet far outweigh any fear of the latest diseases or illnesses that I may come in contact with.

To our mutual contentment,

Eleanor McCallum

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