My Happy Retirement Home Living

I am planning to write a book about the wonderful people in this retirement home where we have perfect regard for one another.  The book will have pictures of the decor and descriptions of some of the planned events that we attend.  I will also include some tidbits about several people (not mentioning anyone by name, of course).  So, my happy retirement home living will only have an initial to indicate the person of each little story.

A recent picture of my home at

Relaxed, waiting for the elevator

One thing I must mention here is about our mealtimes. The buzz of conversation is always peppered with laughter. Very rarely do you even see a long face. If you do, invariably someone will say something funny and the long faces will stretch into smiles.

Conversations at mealtime seem to be centered on the menu and people  like to comment on the way they used to cook certain foods as they remember them, perhaps thirty some years ago. Eventually comments reflect the fact that they are happy not to have to cook anymore, or clean up after the meal.

With regard to our planned activities, one of my favorites is the Thursday morning Chapel service.  The dedicated pastors that come in each week for these short services enrich our lives with their prayers and insights on the selected Bible messages.  The singing is glorious & I wouldn’t miss it for the world.




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