The Library

Heritage Meadows5Our library is a quiet getaway for me when I need rest and relaxation.  Any resident or visitor can use this facility in this manner.

I will admit that the books are not organized very well but since they are contributed & we don’t have a librarian, this is understandable.

It seems that whenever I visit the library, though, I can always find a new book that has just been set out on one of the shelves.

The coffee table holds a few large photo story books, such as the story of the Royal Family, the History of Cambridge, Pictures of Great Britain and the ever popular Medical Dictionary.

I have a secret to tell here with apologies to my sister Thelma.  When she stayed with me for two weeks a while back I used the Library as my getaway room almost every day.  My apartment is not very big and with an extra bed brought in for her it kind of gave me what is know as “cabin fever”.

So the library on the second floor was my retreat.

The second floor also has a billiard room & card table which is a popular place for quite a few people here.

Heritage Meadows2In my next post I will show you our exercise room and detail some stretches I use which were taken from a book called “3 Minutes To A Pain Free Life”

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