More About Old Toronto

The earliest Toronto neighbourhoods were the five municipal wards that the city was split into in 1834.

North Toronto map


The wards were named for the St.Paul’s electoral district, the small but densely-populated riding that covers the area to the north of Downtown Toronto which has continued to the present as a federal and provincial electoral district.

In 1834, Toronto was incorporated with the boundaries being Bathurst Street on the west, 400 yards north of Queen Street and Parliament Street on the east.

Outside this formal boundary were the ‘liberties’, land pre-destined to be used for new wards. These boundaries were today’s Dufferin Street to the west, Bloor Street to the north, the Don River to the east, with a section along the lake shore east of the Don, and south of today’s Queen Street, to the approximate location of today’s Maclean Street.

The liberties became formally part of the city in 1859 and the wards were remapped.

In my next  post I will provide some important dates concerning old Toronto events.

History was one of my favourite subjects in school and remains so today.  I really enjoy visiting historical buildings and neighbourhoods.

In the city of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, where I now live, there are many, many old buildings and to my eyes they are very beautiful.

Do you like old buildings?  Please comment and let me know.




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