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Earlier this week I returned from NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems) in Atlanta Georgia, where I attended as many of the workshops as I was able to.

It was very exciting to arise before 7 am with my 3 roommates, get down to the hotel restaurant for a delicious breakfast and be in the main meeting room by 8:15 where the very punctual David Perdew began the day with prizes and giveaways.  He then outlined the available workshops with advice as to which ones in which we should participate.

Once again, I met some wonderful people, some for the first time and others that I now consider dear friends.

My daughter Carol, granddaughter Bridget and great-grandson Kyle attended with me which made for 4 generations, so you can see how popular this event is. In all there were over 200 registered attendees.

If such a great event is appealing to you read on to find out how you can change your life beginning today!

By attending this event I got all of the audios right from the beginning of NAMS plus all of the materials from those workshops AND I got to go to Atlanta, stay at a magnificent new hotel and meet all of the presenters in person and have them show me hands on, all that I need to know to make a great living on line. This is one reason why I love niche affiliate marketing!

David Perdew is the creator of all of this and along with many talented marketers who gave so much of their time and knowledge to the attendees, put on a fabulous event.

David has created a membership program where you can get in right now with an unbelievable discount (90%) and from there you can sign up for NAMS7 to be held at the same venue as NAMS6 in February 2012. Be sure to sign up for the membership program first and from there sign up for NAMS7 (also at a discounted price). Where will YOU learn niche affiliate marketing? Join me at NAMS7 and learn from the best.

To get the discount for the membership make sure you put in the coupon code MYNAMS90 and it will adjust the price.

For NAMS7 in Atlanta use the coupon code lifechanging for a big discount on the event.)

To your affiliate marketing success!

Eleanor McCallum

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