When Is the Best Time to Visit Ireland? ☆

Thinking about visiting Ireland but not sure when to go? It’s true that there are drastic differences between the seasons. Summer in Ireland is distinctly different than the wintertime. However, when you go also depends on your travel personality and your reasons for visiting this beautiful country.

Visit in the Summer

Most travel guides recommend visiting Ireland in the summertime. In the summer the days are not only warmer, they’re also longer. If you are a traveler who enjoys packing your visit from sunup to sundown, then these long days are invaluable. The country is in full swing and everything from bed and breakfasts to wacky attractions are open.

The downside is that because summer is such a pleasant time to visit Ireland, it’s peak travel season. You’ll be amongst the many other tourists. You won’t have much luck finding cheap airfare or hotel stay.

Spring and Fall

During the spring and fall you’re likely to find wet weather. You’ll also find some deals on travel and thinner crowds. It’s also the prime festival season. Let’s not forget that St Patrick’s Day is in March and there are wonderful fall festivals to consider including the Folk Festival in Cork and the Fringe Festival in Dublin. Many travel experts strongly recommend visiting Ireland during the spring or fall. Bring a raincoat and a smile for a lovely stay.


Winter is generally considered the least desirable time to visit Ireland. It’s cold and wet, and the sun may not shine as often as you’d like. Additionally, many attractions including hotels and restaurants are closed during the winter – this is particularly true in the more rural areas. However, it’s also the cheapest time of the year to visit Ireland. You’ll be able to find good airfare prices as well as reasonable hotel rates. And you won’t have to fight the crowds.

The Bottom Line

If you plan to visit Ireland to explore nature and take in the coastline then winter is a time to avoid. However, if you plan on heading to a large city and checking out every pub within walking distance then winter may be a perfect acceptable and certainly more affordable option. The cities are abundant with opportunities for culture, dining, shopping and theater all year around.

If you’re not on a tight budget, then any other time of the year provides more benefits. You’ll have more options in terms of hotels, dining, and attractions. Identify your reason for visiting Ireland and establish a budget. Those two factors will lead you to the best time for you to visit Ireland.

A Special Birthday Celebration ☆

Carol & Eleanor

It’s official – Carol Bremner, my daughter,  is  now 65 years old!

And for this birthday celebration she has a  coaching special for the month of January.

This is how it’s going to work – go to the special page, watch the
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She can help you with any online aspect of your business, whether it be

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help if you like, as long as it isn’t too technical.

Today’s price is $6 and every day the price will go up $2. You can
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you’ll be taken to an online calendar where you can choose the day
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Go to:


Take advantage of this offer before the price goes up. We can
accomplish a lot in 30 minutes of focus!

All the best and thanks for helping Carol celebrate her birthday,

My Best To You,



How to Blog-Granny Shows the Way ☆

If you are looking for a way to learn the ins and outs of how to blog here is a guide to start you on a blogging career. With the methods explained in this detailed and easy to follow guide you will learn the basics of Word Press and Blogger, from setting up to publication. Self hosted blog options will be explained and how to set these up yourself for very little cash outlay. grannyblogger_small This guide will show you each step ,  from design, to themes, to widgets and plug-ins. The guide is filled with screen shots and pictures and full explanations of each step to be taken. Be sure to get this guide before you begin to create any type of blog. Follow each step in this tried and tested formula and you will have your first website set up and running in a very short period of time. Here is an excerpt from the Guide “How To Blog” * 32% of people blog to create a record of their thoughts. * 34% blog to increase their visibility in their field. * 20% blog to connect with others. * Less than 5% of those surveyed said they blog for revenues, which leaves 95% blogging for reasons other than making money directly from their blog. * According to www.Technorati.com who tracks over 113 million blogs online within their free community, there are over 175.000 new blogs published each and every day. So, by becoming a member of the blogging community, you will be joining millions of others who really enjoy what they are doing.

In today’s news – Have a look at this very informative infographic from AWeber that I received just the other day. AWeber is such a great company and you can learn all about them right on this website. Just look at the headings above.
Data and infographic by AWeber

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The Library ☆

Heritage Meadows5Our library is a quiet getaway for me when I need rest and relaxation.  Any resident or visitor can use this facility in this manner.

I will admit that the books are not organized very well but since they are contributed & we don’t have a librarian, this is understandable.

It seems that whenever I visit the library, though, I can always find a new book that has just been set out on one of the shelves.

The coffee table holds a few large photo story books, such as the story of the Royal Family, the History of Cambridge, Pictures of Great Britain and the ever popular Medical Dictionary.

I have a secret to tell here with apologies to my sister Thelma.  When she stayed with me for two weeks a while back I used the Library as my getaway room almost every day.  My apartment is not very big and with an extra bed brought in for her it kind of gave me what is know as “cabin fever”.

So the library on the second floor was my retreat.

The second floor also has a billiard room & card table which is a popular place for quite a few people here.

Heritage Meadows2In my next post I will show you our exercise room and detail some stretches I use which were taken from a book called “3 Minutes To A Pain Free Life”

My Best To You,



The Christmas Tree ☆


In our Atrium we have a very tall Christmas tree which was decorated by many of the residents here.  We had a special night in which the taller people hung decorations, supplied by Heritage Meadows and many others put more decorations on lower branches.

We had musical entertainment that evening & apple cider & eggnog served to us as well.  These festivities really put everyone in a Christmas mood which we hope will last until the New Year.

The Christmas tree is the first thing that visitors to Heritage Meadows see on their arrival here.

In addition to the Christmas tree, as you walk around any one of the four floors in this building you will see Christmas decorations on almost everyone’s door.


My best to you,



The Christmas Season ☆

Heritage Meadows4

As you probably know, I live in a gracious retirement home known as Heritage Meadows but what I haven’t told you previously though, is that our building has several great facilities for all the residents here.  So, I plan to write some blog posts in the next few days outlining each one.

Our Chapel Service – every Thursday morning.

This past Thursday was a special one, as we sang a few Christmas Carols and the pastor gave a message about the birth of Jesus in a way that I had never heard it told before.  He explained that the child in the manger was the Word of God.  No one has ever seen God, but Jesus, as the Word of God, became a man and dwelt among us for all to see.

The singing was glorious, this past Thursday too, especially the carol “Oh Holy Night”.  I’ll bet, if you go to YouTube there will be some wonderful renditions there.

So, that’s it for now.

My best to you,


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Start a Business Blog-Blogging Is My Business ☆

"The Granny Guide"

Granny Blogger Shows You How To Blog

What is my online business? Blogging is my business! You too can start a business blog.

I receive all kinds of promotional emails from people who want to help me with my business either by signing up for a free product, or if I have purchased something from them in the past, by purchasing some wonderful new, never before offered product from their trusted friends.
I spend a lot of time reading these emails and occasionally buying the recommended products. I intend to do less of the latter in the future to really help my business (financially anyway, at the present time).

Having said all of this, I do not have a so-called bricks and mortar business anymore, however I do enjoy writing content for my blogs, so it appears that I do have a business and you can see what it is by the title of this article.

There are several plug-ins and widgets available for free when you work with a WordPress blog and whenever I find something that works exceptionally well I like to donate a small sum to the developer in appreciation of his or her hard work.

The features available with WordPress are many and varied, including hundreds of customizable themes, different settings, the ability to add as many pages as you need and of course those great plug-ins and widgets.

There is lots to learn from any perspective and I am glad that I am able to be part of this blogging community. So, if you haven’t started yet, why don’t you start a business blog?

To your blogging success,


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Technology-How It Helps to Enrich Our Lives ☆

1907  Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia

We don’t appreciate how blessed we are; living at this time, in the age of technology, in a peaceful country, with loved ones in very close proximity due to the technology available to all of us.

My daughter has made some recordings about my life for our family.   This activity is causing me to reflect on life with my mother and how it would have been to convey her memories in such a way.

We would have recordings of her playing piano and singing (only famous/wealthy people had recordings made in the early to mid 1900’s) duets that she and my step-father sang together and the choir in which they sang as well.

We could even make our own videos and upload them to youtube.   The kids of today learn all of this at a young age and probably don’t appreciate all that they have.   Perhaps some of them do because their fame started out with a youtube video.

The memories that we have from past times can be recorded now, however, even the clever sayings that our loved ones have left to us.

Anyway, the point of all this is that technology connects people, changes lives and is continually advancing.   In every field of endeavor we can see it all around us.

Today’s phones and cameras have unbelievable capabilities and what can I say about computers, except to say that in my estimation they are awesome.

Tomorrow’s technology will reach unimaginable heights and I certainly hope that I will be here for a few more years to see it.

Eleanor McCallum

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Windsor Castle – Facts I Have Found ☆

Order of the Garter service at Windsor Castle

The picture above is of the annual ceremony at Windsor Castle known as ” The Order Of The Garter Service”.


The first item in my fact finding with regard to Windsor Castle is that it is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.

Over a period of nearly 1,000 years it has been inhabited continuously, and altered and refurbished by successive monarchs.

Some were great builders, strengthening Windsor Castle against uprising and rebellion; others, living in more peaceful times, created a palatial Royal residence.

William the Conqueror chose the site, high above the river Thames and on the edge of a Saxon hunting ground. It was a day’s march from the Tower of London and  was intended to guard the western approaches to the capital city of London.

The outer walls of today’s structure are in the same position as those of the original castle built by William the Conqueror in the tenth century.

So too is the central mound supporting the Round Tower and the Upper Ward, where successive monarchs have had their private apartments since the fourteenth century.

My best to you,


p.s. Did you know that you can write a letter to the queen?  I think on my ninetieth birthday I might just do that.

What do you think?  Please comment & let me know.



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Vertigo – How I handle mine – 8 Tips ☆

  1. When my left ear starts to pound, it is an indication that vertigo may be about to start.  However, deep breathing for several minutes can calm the situation.
  2. Remaining still & looking intently at a fixed object (even a bare wall) helps.
  3. Moving my feet up and down while seated relieves the heaviness & feeling of numbness in my feet & legs.
  4. When I am able to stand, walking back & forth in a room seems to restore my feet & legs to normal.
  5. Sometimes, even when vertigo is not present, a light headed feeling (as if I were drunk) stays with me for several minutes.  This can occur at any time.  Deep breathing & remaining still, seated on a chair, helps here also.
  6. Taking a very hot & long shower can trigger the vertigo at times, so it is best to tone down the length and water temperature of my showers.
  7. Drinking plenty of water during the day helps me as well.
  8. It is also a good idea not to remain in a room with fluorescent lights.

Heritage Meadows6


To your good health,

Eleanor McCallum

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