Digital Camera Tips for Video ☆

If you have a digital camera that takes videos as well as still pictures, here is one of the best digital camera tips that I found to be useful.

My camera has two buttons on the top and sometimes I, and my daughters in a few cases, accidentally took a video when trying to take a still picture. When we realized the situation we would continue the video until finished.

After transferring all the pictures from the camera to my computer the videos would just be black in Windows Photo Gallery or whatever program I tried to use.

When I tried to view them, with one program you could hear sound but you could not see a picture. In another program you could see a movie with no sound.

I finally found the correct program to use. All you have to do
is click on “Open With” then browse to the program called “Quick Time”.

Here is a cute little accidental video that was made while I was learning some important digital camera tips along the way.

The holidays are a great time for creating videos and sharing them with your friends and family. If you would like more help to learn how to format your camera to make the best videos, you should check out this product:

Shoot Great Video with your Canon DSLR Camera (DVD)
publisher: Blue Crane Digital
EAN: 0186102000565
sales rank: 1954
price: $14.40 (new), $17.00 (used)

Canon’s video-equipped digital SLR cameras can capture professional quality HD video, but getting great video from a still camera is not simple or intuitive. Getting the results you want requires a lot more than exposure, focus and white balance. Happily, we’ve already done the research! You’ll learn the skills and secrets to producing great video. This DVD is intended for the still photographer moving into video for the first time. You’ll benefit from the wealth of tips and techniques offered in this presentation. Topics include: • Sound recording • Composition • Lighting and equipment • Aliasing/Artifacts • Video compression • Exposure • White balance • Picture styles • Camera movement • Lenses • Tripods and camera mounts • Video production skills Learn how to maximize your camera’s strengths in just a couple of hours. With this video and a little practice, your video can look and sound exactly as you imagined it. Format: NTSC video, All Regions Running time: 77 minutes

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5 Quick Tips for Getting Started Blogging ☆

There are new blogs being started every day all around the world. The introduction of the Internet and affiliate programs has allowed many people to start a career from home while being able to still manage the home and family. But not everyone can make a go out of being a blogger. It takes a proper system, time management and the right niche with product selection along with a solid marketing strategy. Many people spend money buying up various courses and ebooks to find a quick easy to follow system and then get discouraged when things don’t work out the way they thought it would.

The following is 5 quick tips you can follow to get yourself up and running with a new blogging career.

1. Do your market research!
There is no sense in just picking something you think would be fun to promote without checking into how many people are interested in the subject. If you would like to sell products, you also need to know which keywords searchers will use for buying interest or to just read more information. This can take time to learn but without knowing the difference, you could end up wasting valuable time.

Keyword Research – How to Do Killer Keyword Research
by: Keith Dougherty
published: 2010-08-27
ASIN: B004183MZC
sales rank: 651043

2. Choose Products with a Good Commission structure
Some people start out with only trying to sell small ticket items thinking they would be easier to sell. This is not always the case. If you are going to be spending time marketing and driving in traffic to help close a sale, you will want to make it worth your while. If you think that bulky physical items may not sell well due to shipping costs or other factors, you may find that monthly memberships or courses are often something that sells well.

3.Invest in your own hosting and domain name
There has been much controversy over this topic over the years but the truth still remains that not only will you be looked upon as more professional if you have your own site and domain, you will have more control. How would you feel if you were blogging for months or even years only to wake up one day and find out that the free blog service you were using has deleted your site. You would have to start all over again! This could mean a loss of a good income you can’t afford to lose.

4. Learn and use various marketing methods
Some marketing methods do not work so well depending on what it is you are trying to promote. Knowing which avenues work best for your products will help you spread the widest net and bring in the most targeted traffic. For a blog, often people will give up before they even have a chance. Depending on how you choose to drive traffic into your site and how targeted it may be, you should expect to invest at least a year but often up to three before you can get enough traffic to make money daily. You should also keep track of what methods work, where the traffic is coming from and the best times to drive the traffic in.

5. Enjoy Yourself!
If you start a blog merely to try to make money you will more than likely not make any. While you may make some, chances are if you have no real interest in your topic and marketing, you will grow bored and lose your drive and motivation. Blogging and making money takes a consistent daily effort even when often it does not look like you are making progress. If you continue, you will wake up one day and find that you have reached that invisible line and success will be headed your way. If you do not enjoy what you are writing about and promoting, you will soon want to be doing something else.

It does not take a lot of education to start this type of home business but understanding and implementing a proper system will go a long way in the success of your busines.
For more information, grab my book “Granny Blogger Shows You How to Blog” and learn the tricks and tools to use to create a blog that you will be proud to share and will make you the type of income you desire.

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Working at Home? Time is of the Essence! ☆

I have heard people say that the main reason that they want to work at home is because they can work only when they want to work. It IS true that you can set your own work hours when you work at home but it does NOT mean that you don’t have to have set work hours.

A ‘hit or miss’ work schedule…or rather, the lack of any work schedule at all, simply will not work. Time is of the Essence! YOUR time!

Working at home can be a very, very good thing. You can be at home to see the kids off to school and be at home when they get home. You can put a load of laundry in and it can run through the cycles while you are working.

You can have dinner cooked before a hungry family descends like a flock of hungry buzzards. All of those things are real perks that you automatically get when you work at home.

Working at home can also be a very, very bad thing if you do not plan your time well and if you do not set up a work schedule that you and your family can live with. When you work at home, time really is of the essence.

You must make very good use of the time that you spend working. If you are not efficient in accomplishing the tasks that must be done, you will either spend too much time working or you will fail miserably at your work at home job or business.

You must set up a work schedule for yourself when you work at home and then you must enforce that work schedule for yourself and insist that you family and friends also adhere to your work schedule.

A job out in the brick and mortar world does two things;

(1) It provides a structure for your day and

(2) it tells your family and friends that your time is spoken for during your working hours.

You will notice that both of these things that a regular job provides, relate to your TIME. (more…)

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Ancestry ☆

In my usual haphazard way I join programs & memberships then forget why I did so and eventually have to cancel my subscriptions to the particular program or membership.  This usually happens when I have to trim my monthly budget to facilitate other needs.

Having said that, I really appreciate the way that PayPal allows a person like me to easily change my budget in that way.  I do recommend that others do not follow my lead and get themselves into such situations and I think that one of my resolutions for 2012 needs to include this as well.

One of the memberships that I discontinued last year was with but when I received an email through ancestry from another member concerning one of my ancestors, I had to reconsider and then of course I signed up anew.

I have a snapshot on my Eleanor McCallum website that you can view to see the cool layout of an ancestry tree.

After setting up your tree on ancestry you can see a list of all people and click on any name to reveal that particular part of your tree.

Other ancestry members that have relationships with any person in your tree can give you hints via this little leaf.The small price you pay for an ancestry account is definitely worth the price and I can truthfully recommend the site.  Visit Photos By Bridget to learn more.

To your researching success,

Eleanor McCallum

Check out my latest book to learn more about how you can trace back your own ancestry no matter where you live.


Beginners Guide to Genealogy Research

by: Eleanor McCallum

published: 2012-10-27


This book not only gives you advice and sources for beginning your genealogy research but it takes you on an adventure from the late 1800s to the year 2012. Two side trips through the histories of Scotland and Ireland make for some fascinating reading as well. Lots of pictures are peppered throughout the book so that you may become to know the places and the people. The author and publisher sincerely hope that each reader will enjoy the stories and resources contained in this “Beginners Guide To Genealogy Research”.

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Good times and Bad Times-Comparing the Past & Present ☆

Yesterday & Today

In today’s world we think of hard times as doing without television, cell phones and the like. When I was growing up in Toronto in the 1930’s, hard times were quite different.

Hard times were when you had to skip a meal here and there and during the years of the Second World War, hard times were when your ration coupons didn’t provide your family with quite enough food.

Good times back then were much different than today as well. Good times today are measured by all of your possessions and the ability to travel and see the world. (more…)

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5 WordPress Tips ☆

My desktop
I am always learning something new about WordPress, be it a wonderful new theme, something about that theme that I am able to do and learn or a related widget.

Here are a few wordpress tips that I would like to pass on for your personal learning curve.

  1. You can change the header of some themes to include your own pictures and text so that your blog will become unique to you or your business.
  2. You can link to other websites that you want people to visit via your blogroll or another named link.  With some WordPress themes you may have to use this facility with a widget.  I just found this out when one of my websites would not show a link that I had set up until I used a widget for this purpose.
  3. You can install a facebook Like button on your posts or any number of other plug-ins that you might choose.  There are many available at the Plug In Directory of WordPress.Org.
  4. It is a really simple matter to insert a picture, a video or an audio in any WordPress post.
  5. And using the tools provided with WordPress you can back up your website to the hard drive on your computer.

While there are more wordpress tips you will learn as you go, these are great starters to get you going in the right direction.
Eleanor McCallum

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How to build a wordpress website ☆



Would you like to know the easiest and best way to build a website?

This article will explain most of the features available when you construct your website using WordPress.

A hosting service that uses cpanel is the first requirement. The most recommended hosting service is hostgator for building websites that are very attractive.

The many features available when you build with wordpress; including widgets, (such as Akismet, Calendar, Links and Text, to name a few) plugins, (such as Audio, Do follow, a Like button, and many others) are a definite helpmate when you are creating your wordpress website.

When using a hosting service that uses cpanel, you must first select an icon called “Fantastico”. Your next step is to use this to set up your wordpress site. From there it is all uphill and your first wordpress site is up and running and ready for you to modify and beautify.

Your hosting servicehostgator will then give you the information to start building your wordpress site using this format (http://your site name/wp-admin).  Of course you would replace “your site” with the actual name of your website.


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Blogging Tips-Top 4 Reasons for Getting Started ☆

Reading blogs is fun and many people enjoy doing just that.  However in addition to reading blogs, I am sure you would like to create your own. But many people do not know how to get started or where to look for blogging tips. I would like to share a few things here on my blog to help you out.

A blog is easy to start and there are many free online services, like WordPress and Blogger.  Here are 4 top reasons why you should get started today.

  1. It will help you fine tune your writing skills and allow you to master the written word.
  2. You will find yourself analyzing everything you read in your area of expertise in order to develop clarified thoughts on how to express your own opinion on the topic.
  3. Blogging is a great networking tool as you will start to develop friendships with other bloggers who cover the same topics.
  4. For those of us known as Seniors, blogging is a way to present our ideas, memories, ambitions and even our favorite pictures, to an interested online readership.

If you or anyone else have any good blogging tips they would love to share, feel free to leave a comment below so we can all benefit. Happy Blogging!


PS: Sign up below to receive your copy of this helpful guide

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Restoring Old Photographs ☆

I have just become a member of Photo Restoration School and while going through the photo restoration lessons I can now detail the restoration process using some of my old photographs.

My First Old Photograph is of my great-uncle Moses and my cousin Jack

As you can see, it is in rather poor shape so I will use a free program called Gimp to restore it. Since it is not a colored photograph the procedure should be easier.

Gimp is a free to download program. Once you download the program you will see this start-up screen and then the program will load automatically.

The first thing I had to do after starting the program was open the file where my tattered, marked up and worn photo appeared.
I then insert it into the Gimp program. With the picture inserted between the left and right sidebars of the program I am now able to work with the necessary tools for restoring this picture. For this restoration I only needed the left sidebar and just 2 tools from that sidebar.

I used the Healing Tool for the crack on the little boy’s face (You have to fiddle with this a little bit so the result is not quite perfect).

 For the long crack I used the Clone Tool.

And here is the restored product.

If you have a lot old pictures I encourage you to try this restoration procedure with Gimp.

To your picture perfect life,

Eleanor McCallum

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What is Your Favorite Book (not including the bible) and Why? ☆


Reading can open up a world of imagination and discovery.   Books can entertain, and instruct.  “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss.  There are books on every subject and interest.   Some people read to escape into another world, some read to relax, some to learn and some just for something to do.   No matter why you read or what you read, or even if you read ebooks or printed books you probably find that you have a favorite type of book or a favorite author.

Eleanor at Granny Blogger says
“When I was younger my favourite book was “Wuthering Heights” by Emily
Bronte. I also saw the movie with Orson Welles and his hauntingly
handsome face in the part of Heathcliffe seemed to come to me quite often
in my teen years. However, after life got in the way for many years I did
not sit down to read very often. Now that I am retired I do read a lot
more and my tastes now run to mysteries & historical fiction.
My favourite book of this year then is “I’ll Walk Alone” by Mary Higgins
Clark. It is a modern mystery that I have read in the hardback version &
also on my Kobo ereader.”

Carol at Motivated to Learn says
“I like books that are a bit far-fetched, but actually could happen. (Not sure if that’s called science fiction or fantasy) One of my favorite authors writes for young adults. Her name is Margaret Peterson Haddix. The series I like most is called the Shadow Children and is about a society that doesn’t have enough food, so no more than two children are allowed per family. Those who are hidden by their families, rather than being killed, are blamed and hated for all of the ills of society. These books journal their efforts to survive in a society that doesn’t want them.”

Bridget at photos by Bridget says
“I love to read and read so many books, my favorite type are historical fiction. I have quite a few favorites but if I were to choose just one I would have to say the Chronicles of Narnia . This is actually a book series but I do have it in a hardbound volume as one book (I don’t think it is available this way anymore) I read this book when I was a kid and numerous times since then. I really enjoy fantasy books and C.S Lewis is a wonderful, entertaining writer. This book takes you to another world and you just enjoy the journey, there is no smut or awful characters or story lines that make you feel like you you are doing something wrong or missing out on something in your own life. It is just pure entertainment but you don’t feel like you wasted your time when you are done reading.

Melanie at Melanie Bremner says
“My favorite author is Mary Higgins Clark. She is a mystery writer with over 25 books under her belt. I would say she is the Stephen King of the mystery world. While I can’t say I have a favorite story of hers, I can certainly say that after reading her first book called “The Lottery Winners” which was about an elderly couple who win the lottery and then become sleuths and go around solving mysteries while on retirement, I was hooked. Mary writes in an easy going flow of text that you can barely put down once you get started. I recommend her books to any one no matter your age or gender.”

Kyle at Learn A Mac says
“I only read fantasy/ sci-fi books because it allows an escape from daily life. I read on average for 2 hours every night. I would have to say my favorite book (series) of all time is the wheel of time series by Robert Jordan. Incredibly well written and a fantastic story. My current reading list has roughly 100 books in the sci-fi, fantasy, and classic lit genres.”

What is your favorite book?

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