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This picture experiment is for the purpose of finding out which plugin installed on this website had been interfering with the ability to upload any picture to my blog.

The process involves deactivating all plugins to begin with & then reactivating them one at a time.  After each one is activated I will insert a picture into this post, mention the successful or unsuccessful picture upload and eventually determine the culprit plugin.

After reactivating Akismet, the picture above was successfully uploaded.



After reactivating Audio Player I was able to upload this picture.

Now I believe I have found the culprit plugin.  I reactivated Blog Saga and now I cannot upload any picture.  I will  reactivate all the rest of the plugins after deactivating Blog Saga & then check my ability to upload pictures. Then I will check the settings for Blog Saga & see what I discover.

OK After reactivating all but 3 of the remaining plugins I was able to upload this picture.




I just uploaded this picture of last summer’s flowers out on our deck, after activating the final 3 plugins.









The last test concerns the Flickr plugin that I really enjoy using so here is a Flickr picture.

by sridgway under CC BY  with wpseopix.com



I hope this post has been at least a bit understandable but if not I hope you like the pictures.

My best to you,

Eleanor McCallum

PS I did manage to get Blog Saga to work and created an ebook from some of my previous posts.  Blog Saga is a wonderful plugin so what I need to do in future is deactivate it before inserting a picture in any post and only reactivate it when I want to create another ebook from some more of my posts.

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