Remembering Old Toronto

Baby Eleanor HaydonWhen I was a little girl living in Old Toronto with my parents and older brother, our city was known as Toronto The Good. Even though I was born in the era known as “The Roaring Twenties” it did not seem to be that way in our lives.

We did not have electric refrigerators at that time either but had ice boxes that held a large block of ice in the top and a drip pan at the bottom that had to be emptied before it got full. Checking this pan each day was part of our housekeeping routine.

The blocks of ice were delivered by strong young men who carried the ice on one shoulder that was covered with some kind of waterproof sheet.

When the cart filled with ice blocks stopped in front of a house several neighbourhood children would run out and try to jump on the cart. The ones that simply followed the cart would pick up pieces of ice that fell to the ground. In the summertime they would suck on these pieces to cool their little mouths off.

Playing outside not too far from our own house was quite safe back then and when we got older we stayed out until the street light came on at dark.

As more memories fill my brain I will relate them in my next post.


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