Revisit Old Toronto

Toronto streetcarWhen my memories cause me to revisit Old Toronto, there is one other wonderful memory that I have of that city.

We lived in the west end of Toronto where, in the summertime, the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) operated a free street car to Sunnyside Beach for children that lived in that area.

My brother and I went to the beach on this street car quite often in the summer and we had a great time swimming in Lake Ontario. There was always a lifeguard on duty so we all felt quite safe.

The neighbourhood was quite safe in those days as well.

One incident I experienced when I was about 12 years old will attest to that fact.
I became separated from my brother at the beach, missed the street car, and decided to walk home.

I had no idea as to the correct direction to follow (I have always had a poor sense of direction) and was walking along some street, crying, when a lady called to me from her front porch.

she asked me what was wrong and where I lived. She then invited me in to her house and immediately phoned my mother.
The result of that phone call brought a police car that took me home.

Writing these little stories as they come to me keeps my brain active, so I hope my visitors will be happy with my musings.

Wouldn’t you like to write your stories as well?

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