Helpful People-A Look Back Through Life and Business ☆

The helpful people in my life and career keep coming back to me in sometimes fond memories.

Having had a military career, an accounting career, a homemaking career as wife and mother, this allows for a bit of story telling.

With a steaming cup of coffee at my desk I sometimes look back on my previous accounting career and the best part I recall is the helpful people with whom I worked.

From my granddaughter who started as a receptionist in a fairly large company to become accounting manager and later general manager of the company, all the way back to my first office job right out of high school.

Of course every aspect of business, large or small, has evolved with almost unbelievable leaps and bounds since the advent of the electronic age.

In my first bookkeeping position, the helpful person I remember was the business owner’s wife. Although she was rather strict (maybe I needed that at the time) she did teach me the basics and kept me interested in the job for some time.

I can recall each office position in the accounting area of the companies I worked for and the people involved. (more…)

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