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Searching Through Family History

I have been spending quite a lot of time searching this way on the website.

My mother-in-law told me many years ago that her mother’s maiden name was Weber.

While searching on the ancestry website we were able to trace back through Census, Birth, Marriage & Death certificates to reveal much more of the past and about her family.

Further investigation revealed that the name “Weber” the German version translates into “Weaver” the English version.

I was very confused in my research concerning these two names until my granddaughter enlightened me on this fact.

The Christian names of my mother-in-law’s siblings had me confused as well until another member on the Ancestry website had their German names clarified with their English names.

So now I can carry on and delve deeper into the past history of this part of my late husband’s family and carry on also with delving back into mine.

I have been recommending this website to friends and family, however the cost is quite expensive.  Since I have signed up for a one year membership I need to make use of it though.

They have a fifteen day free trial wherein a credit card number is required but if you don’t cancel before the 15 day period is up, your membership will be automatically renewed and charged to your credit card.

The same goes for a one year membership (or whatever period of time you sign up for).  It will be renewed and you will be charged for a continuing period automatically unless you notify them well in advance of your intention not to continue.

To your researching success,

Eleanor McCallum

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