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In my usual haphazard way I join programs & memberships then forget why I did so and eventually have to cancel my subscriptions to the particular program or membership.  This usually happens when I have to trim my monthly budget to facilitate other needs.

Having said that, I really appreciate the way that PayPal allows a person like me to easily change my budget in that way.  I do recommend that others do not follow my lead and get themselves into such situations and I think that one of my resolutions for 2012 needs to include this as well.

One of the memberships that I discontinued last year was with but when I received an email through ancestry from another member concerning one of my ancestors, I had to reconsider and then of course I signed up anew.

I have a snapshot on my Eleanor McCallum website that you can view to see the cool layout of an ancestry tree.

After setting up your tree on ancestry you can see a list of all people and click on any name to reveal that particular part of your tree.

Other ancestry members that have relationships with any person in your tree can give you hints via this little leaf.The small price you pay for an ancestry account is definitely worth the price and I can truthfully recommend the site.  Visit Photos By Bridget to learn more.

To your researching success,

Eleanor McCallum

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Beginners Guide to Genealogy Research

by: Eleanor McCallum

published: 2012-10-27


This book not only gives you advice and sources for beginning your genealogy research but it takes you on an adventure from the late 1800s to the year 2012. Two side trips through the histories of Scotland and Ireland make for some fascinating reading as well. Lots of pictures are peppered throughout the book so that you may become to know the places and the people. The author and publisher sincerely hope that each reader will enjoy the stories and resources contained in this “Beginners Guide To Genealogy Research”.

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