Digital Camera Tips for Video ☆

If you have a digital camera that takes videos as well as still pictures, here is one of the best digital camera tips that I found to be useful.

My camera has two buttons on the top and sometimes I, and my daughters in a few cases, accidentally took a video when trying to take a still picture. When we realized the situation we would continue the video until finished.

After transferring all the pictures from the camera to my computer the videos would just be black in Windows Photo Gallery or whatever program I tried to use.

When I tried to view them, with one program you could hear sound but you could not see a picture. In another program you could see a movie with no sound.

I finally found the correct program to use. All you have to do
is click on “Open With” then browse to the program called “Quick Time”.

Here is a cute little accidental video that was made while I was learning some important digital camera tips along the way.

The holidays are a great time for creating videos and sharing them with your friends and family. If you would like more help to learn how to format your camera to make the best videos, you should check out this product:

Shoot Great Video with your Canon DSLR Camera (DVD)
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Canon’s video-equipped digital SLR cameras can capture professional quality HD video, but getting great video from a still camera is not simple or intuitive. Getting the results you want requires a lot more than exposure, focus and white balance. Happily, we’ve already done the research! You’ll learn the skills and secrets to producing great video. This DVD is intended for the still photographer moving into video for the first time. You’ll benefit from the wealth of tips and techniques offered in this presentation. Topics include: • Sound recording • Composition • Lighting and equipment • Aliasing/Artifacts • Video compression • Exposure • White balance • Picture styles • Camera movement • Lenses • Tripods and camera mounts • Video production skills Learn how to maximize your camera’s strengths in just a couple of hours. With this video and a little practice, your video can look and sound exactly as you imagined it. Format: NTSC video, All Regions Running time: 77 minutes

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