The Christmas Season ☆

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As you probably know, I live in a gracious retirement home known as Heritage Meadows but what I haven’t told you previously though, is that our building has several great facilities for all the residents here.  So, I plan to write some blog posts in the next few days outlining each one.

Our Chapel Service – every Thursday morning.

This past Thursday was a special one, as we sang a few Christmas Carols and the pastor gave a message about the birth of Jesus in a way that I had never heard it told before.  He explained that the child in the manger was the Word of God.  No one has ever seen God, but Jesus, as the Word of God, became a man and dwelt among us for all to see.

The singing was glorious, this past Thursday too, especially the carol “Oh Holy Night”.  I’ll bet, if you go to YouTube there will be some wonderful renditions there.

So, that’s it for now.

My best to you,


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