Discovery-Take Another Look Around ☆

Do you see my discovery?

I thought this was rather amazing! I have looked at this picture several times and have even published it on one of my previous blogs.  My granddaughter took this picture at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

I thought it was pretty cool seeing the fish overhead and the people below.

Sometimes you can look at life or your business or your family and friends this way and miss something you overlooked before.  Do you see what I missed before in this picture?

Look at the man talking to the young couple with the baby in a stroller.  Then look to your left and see their reflection, somewhat larger and a little distorted up on a hill.  You can even see reflections of other people much higher on the hill.

I wanted to share this with my visitors while it was fresh in my mind.

There are lots of pictures that we can examine and find something we missed the first time around.

I enjoy writing about my memories of past experiences and when I do, sometimes I can see something that did not occur to me the first time around which gives me a different perspective on the situation.

My best to you,


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