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One of the biggest crazes to hit the market today in this high tech world is the invention of  ebook reader devices for electronic reading.

The Kobo Ebook Reader – 10 features

I just recently purchased a Kobo Reader and I would like to list the features in this blog post as a review for my visitors.

  1. The reader holds over one thousand books thus freeing your bookshelves of tons of space.
  2. Books can be downloaded to your computer from the Kobo website where all the latest best sellers, books from the latest movies, etc. can be obtained and then added to you personal reader.
  3. The reader is similar in size to an ipad and weighs very little.
  4. The reader can be held in one hand.
  5. Turning pages is a simple one button press.
  6. The reader will keep track of all the books you have uploaded and stipulate what percentage each book has been read.
  7. When a certain book has been selected the Kobo Reader will open it at the page on which it was previously being read thus creating an automatic bookmark.
  8. The Kobo website has several free books available as well as those that may be purchased at very reasonable prices.
  9. If you are reading a book and are called away from your reading, the Kobo Reader will go into sleep mode until you return and push power once again.
  10. At the end of the day or when you are finished reading, you simply hold the power button for a few seconds and your Kobo ebook Reader will be powered off.

To your reading enjoyment,

Eleanor McCallum

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