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Do you prefer a Mac over a PC?

That is this week’s question which will be put to our panel of experts and here are their answers.

Carol at Motivated to Learn says
I use a PC because that was what I started with years ago. I have often thought of changing to a Mac, but I have so much software for my PC and I don’t think I could use any of it if I switched. Also, I sometimes find software that is only available for the PC. My last reason to stay with what I have is the fact that I don’t have the time or energy right now to learn a new computer system.

Bridget at photos by Bridget says
I use a PC. I am so comfortable using my PC and all my programs that work with it. I am not ready to change and learn something new. I don’t see a reason or a benefit to switching to a Mac right now.

Melanie at Melanie Bremner says
I use a PC. When I used to work for the University of Toronto though, I used a MAC as most schools seem to prefer them. They are good systems and great for those who are doing graphic design. I find the learning curve with them can be a little harder as well as they can also be a little more expensive to purchase so those are the two primary reasons why I use a PC today.

Kyle at Learn A Mac says
I use both a Mac and a PC on a daily basis but I do prefer my Mac. For me the Mac is easier to use with less daily maintenance and I love being able to just shut the lid and open it back up when I want to use it. I use my Mac for all of my daily business and my minor graphic design work. I use my PC for my Point of Sale at work and my major graphic design. My PC has way better hardware and can run multiple Adobe programs at once.

I probably would prefer a Mac however I have been using a PC for all of my work.  I tried a Mac out once and found the features to be many and varied.  When I buy my next computer it may be a Mac but the more expensive price will have to be considered.

Right now I have a Sony Vaio notebook which is my constant travelling companion and I just love it.

What is your preference?

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