Quick Facts about Toronto for Those Looking to Move or Visit ☆

When I was a young girl attending public school in the 1930’s, my city of Toronto, Canada had a population of less than one hundred thousand people. Now there are over 2.5 million people living here and of course it is still growing with the greater Metropolitan area of T.O.being a little over 5 million(this includes surrounding smaller cities such as Mississauga,Pickering, Ajax, and Markham).

One of the most important facts about Toronto that others like to know about is the population size of this capital city.  When people are looking to move here now, a big population often means greater opportunities for business and jobs and for many a chance at a better life than where they are coming from.

While the population is not large compared to some cities in the far East such as Osaka, Japan, where my present day mentor and teacher Kevin Riley lives (Osaka has a population of over twelve million people), it is still one of the largest and most popular in Canada.

It is so great to be able to reach people not only in Toronto or Osaka but anywhere in the world via the internet.

I met Kevin Riley in person when he went to Atlanta, Georgia and I was able to be there too. If it were not for the internet none of these connections could have taken place. This is the reason I have nothing but praise for the World Wide Web.

I went to Atlanta again in August 2011 for nams 6.  My daughter, granddaughter and great-grandson were there too.  We learned a lot and met some wonderful internet marketers and made several new friends. Being able to share quick facts about Toronto like this, is what makes for great conversations and learning opportunities when meeting with so many people of different places from around the world.


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