Fear Of Flying ☆

Fear of flying receives more attention than most phobias such as claustrophobia because air travel is often difficult for people to avoid.


Some children are introduced to air travel at an early age and I have even seen babies as young as six weeks of age on some of the flights I have been on in recent years.

One of my granddaughters began her flying trips at a young age (I don’t remember her exact age but I think she was a pre-schooler) and these trips did not appear to disturb her.

However, an occasion eventually arose when she boarded a flight and even before buckling into her seat, was completely unable to venture any further and left the plane immediately.

Perhaps ten years later, after numerous automobile road trips, train trips & bus trips she tried to tackle her fear of flying in a new way.  She arranged a short flight with a pilot in a small airplane.  The flight was successful and she felt quite good about it but it was a far cry from traveling over many miles on a commercial airline.

I have recently become acquainted with a mode of travel that I am sure she would be happy with, and since she lives not far from the Atlantic Ocean, it would be ideal for her.  Of course, I am referring to a cruise ship.

My recent acquaintance with the folks at No Fly Cruising.com has prompted me to write this article about my granddaughter.

They have a free “No Fly Cruising” book on their website which I am planning to sign up for today.

Be sure to visit the No Fly Cruising website and see all the great cruise information there.  No Fly Cruising

To your traveling pleasure,
Eleanor McCallum





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