Restoring Old Photographs ☆

I have just become a member of Photo Restoration School and while going through the photo restoration lessons I can now detail the restoration process using some of my old photographs.

My First Old Photograph is of my great-uncle Moses and my cousin Jack

As you can see, it is in rather poor shape so I will use a free program called Gimp to restore it. Since it is not a colored photograph the procedure should be easier.

Gimp is a free to download program. Once you download the program you will see this start-up screen and then the program will load automatically.

The first thing I had to do after starting the program was open the file where my tattered, marked up and worn photo appeared.
I then insert it into the Gimp program. With the picture inserted between the left and right sidebars of the program I am now able to work with the necessary tools for restoring this picture. For this restoration I only needed the left sidebar and just 2 tools from that sidebar.

I used the Healing Tool for the crack on the little boy’s face (You have to fiddle with this a little bit so the result is not quite perfect).

 For the long crack I used the Clone Tool.

And here is the restored product.

If you have a lot old pictures I encourage you to try this restoration procedure with Gimp.

To your picture perfect life,

Eleanor McCallum

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