How do you organize your photos on your computer? ☆

Digital cameras make it much easier to take photos so people actually end up with more photos than they had before but most people just leave them on their computer instead of getting them developed.   But what do you do with your photos so you can find them, do you organize them or just have them all piled together in the pictures file?



Eleanor at Granny Blogger says

I do organize my pictures to some extent. I have a folder called “Old old pictures” which contains pictures from way back that I have scanned. The more recent pictures are in folders as well but each picture has to be renamed after I upload it from my camera. Perhaps there is a way to do this as you are uploading but I don’t know how to do this. The folders usually have dates so I can find my pictures.

Carol at Motivated to Learn says

I am not very good at organizing my photos. Once in a while I label them when I save, although with a lot of similar photos I’m not sure what to do. For example, it would be something like ‘family1’, then ‘family2’ and so on. Not very easy to find. I also try to create folders that are specific to a time or event, but often my photos are on my camera for a good while and can span many days and many events, so the folder ends up being a catch-all rather than the tidy filing system I would like. And the majority of my photos, although in a folder, are labeled by number only, since that’s the way the camera names them. Then it really is a big, unorganized mess. The only thing that makes me feel better about my whole lack of a system is the fact that many of my clients save their photos in the same haphazard way that I do.

Bridget at photos by Bridget says

I am ashamed to say I am not all that great about organizing my photos even thou I take thousands of them.  I have my photos organized by year, month and event but that is as far as I go, I don’t name or tag all my photos so I still have trouble sometimes finding the one I am looking for.


Melanie at Melanie Bremner says

I don’t really have a proper organizational method for keeping my photos on my computer organized but I do try to make separate folders based on each event and group by month and year and then if I upload to a photo site, I then re-save or put in a more detailed description of the image for better recall.

Kyle at Learn A Mac says

I use iPhoto on my Mac and Picasa on my PC. Both are pretty straight forward and easy to use and work perfectly for the small amount I use them.


Now it’s your turn, do you have a way of organizing your photos you would like to share?


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