How to Scan a Picture Using Windows Vista ☆

The Way To Scan With The Operating System Windows Vista Using Photo Gallery

If you have Windows Vista on your computer and want to scan a picture, with Vista it is not as easy as with other operating systems.  I guess that’s why Microsoft went to Windows 7.

For how to scan a picture using Windows Vista you need to bring up your “Windows Photo Gallery” program.  Then click on “File” and in the dropdown the second thing you see will be “import from camera or scanner”.  Click on that and then on your scanner name.

A screen will come up where you can preview the picture you want to scan.  Scan it Import it and Save it just the way you want it.

That’s it.   It is not so complicated after all when wanting to learn how to scan a picture using Windows Vista.

To your scanning success;

Eleanor McCallum

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