Using Spreadsheets for Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft ☆

Several years ago my husband needed help to keep track of baseball player statistics for the fantasy baseball mock draft in which he was involved.

At that time I was using a Lotus 123 spreadsheet program but later was introduced to Excel which I found much easier to use.

The purpose of these first spreadsheets, as I mentioned earlier, was to keep track of my husband’s baseball fantasy league player statistics.

The drafts related to these fantasy leagues are conducted in a similar fashion to actual big league drafts. In a fantasy league,however, all the active players in a real league (in our case it was the American Division of Major League Baseball) are eligible for the draft. Because of this format, we had to keep our own stats for each of the players that my husband Bill had drafted for his fantasy team which consisted of many players from several different teams of an actual Major League Division.

If all this sounds very confusing, it certainly was to me at the time. Eventually, after laying it all out on paper, we came up with a solution – use the Excel spreadsheet to enter each player’s statistics with formulas resulting in averages for the players and totals for Bill’s very own team.

I remember Bill being so excited when he was invited to select a team of his own in the “Rotisserie League” that he could hardly sleep the night before the draft.

From that day on, we became very busy (even though we were retired) with keeping his team stats up to date so that the monetary value of his team’s players was alway available. Whenever another owner would approach him concerning a trade or negotiation of any kind, he was prepared to talk.

There are countless numbers of these fantasy leagues on the internet and among friends and families in almost every sport you could mention.

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