How to Blog-Granny Shows the Way ☆

If you are looking for a way to learn the ins and outs of how to blog here is a guide to start you on a blogging career. With the methods explained in this detailed and easy to follow guide you will learn the basics of Word Press and Blogger, from setting up to publication. Self hosted blog options will be explained and how to set these up yourself for very little cash outlay. grannyblogger_small This guide will show you each step ,  from design, to themes, to widgets and plug-ins. The guide is filled with screen shots and pictures and full explanations of each step to be taken. Be sure to get this guide before you begin to create any type of blog. Follow each step in this tried and tested formula and you will have your first website set up and running in a very short period of time. Here is an excerpt from the Guide “How To Blog” * 32% of people blog to create a record of their thoughts. * 34% blog to increase their visibility in their field. * 20% blog to connect with others. * Less than 5% of those surveyed said they blog for revenues, which leaves 95% blogging for reasons other than making money directly from their blog. * According to who tracks over 113 million blogs online within their free community, there are over 175.000 new blogs published each and every day. So, by becoming a member of the blogging community, you will be joining millions of others who really enjoy what they are doing.

In today’s news – Have a look at this very informative infographic from AWeber that I received just the other day. AWeber is such a great company and you can learn all about them right on this website. Just look at the headings above.
Data and infographic by AWeber

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5 Quick Tips for Getting Started Blogging ☆

There are new blogs being started every day all around the world. The introduction of the Internet and affiliate programs has allowed many people to start a career from home while being able to still manage the home and family. But not everyone can make a go out of being a blogger. It takes a proper system, time management and the right niche with product selection along with a solid marketing strategy. Many people spend money buying up various courses and ebooks to find a quick easy to follow system and then get discouraged when things don’t work out the way they thought it would.

The following is 5 quick tips you can follow to get yourself up and running with a new blogging career.

1. Do your market research!
There is no sense in just picking something you think would be fun to promote without checking into how many people are interested in the subject. If you would like to sell products, you also need to know which keywords searchers will use for buying interest or to just read more information. This can take time to learn but without knowing the difference, you could end up wasting valuable time.

Keyword Research – How to Do Killer Keyword Research
by: Keith Dougherty
published: 2010-08-27
ASIN: B004183MZC
sales rank: 651043

2. Choose Products with a Good Commission structure
Some people start out with only trying to sell small ticket items thinking they would be easier to sell. This is not always the case. If you are going to be spending time marketing and driving in traffic to help close a sale, you will want to make it worth your while. If you think that bulky physical items may not sell well due to shipping costs or other factors, you may find that monthly memberships or courses are often something that sells well.

3.Invest in your own hosting and domain name
There has been much controversy over this topic over the years but the truth still remains that not only will you be looked upon as more professional if you have your own site and domain, you will have more control. How would you feel if you were blogging for months or even years only to wake up one day and find out that the free blog service you were using has deleted your site. You would have to start all over again! This could mean a loss of a good income you can’t afford to lose.

4. Learn and use various marketing methods
Some marketing methods do not work so well depending on what it is you are trying to promote. Knowing which avenues work best for your products will help you spread the widest net and bring in the most targeted traffic. For a blog, often people will give up before they even have a chance. Depending on how you choose to drive traffic into your site and how targeted it may be, you should expect to invest at least a year but often up to three before you can get enough traffic to make money daily. You should also keep track of what methods work, where the traffic is coming from and the best times to drive the traffic in.

5. Enjoy Yourself!
If you start a blog merely to try to make money you will more than likely not make any. While you may make some, chances are if you have no real interest in your topic and marketing, you will grow bored and lose your drive and motivation. Blogging and making money takes a consistent daily effort even when often it does not look like you are making progress. If you continue, you will wake up one day and find that you have reached that invisible line and success will be headed your way. If you do not enjoy what you are writing about and promoting, you will soon want to be doing something else.

It does not take a lot of education to start this type of home business but understanding and implementing a proper system will go a long way in the success of your busines.
For more information, grab my book “Granny Blogger Shows You How to Blog” and learn the tricks and tools to use to create a blog that you will be proud to share and will make you the type of income you desire.

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