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If you are looking to get started making money with affiliate marketing, then you need the right affiliate marketing tools. I just took a look at my MyNAMS Membership and was totally amazed at all of the tools, videos, audios, webinar replays, etc. available to me.  Here is my list.

MyNAMS Annual Membership

Members Only Content
NAMS 100
NAMS 200
NAMS 300
NAMS 400
The Library
Royalty Free Music
NAMS6 Audio
MyNAMS Public Forum
Free Affiliate Training
NAMS5Deep Dive Sessions

I signed up for the membership program and also for NAMS7 at the discounted prices.  You can do that right now also just by clicking the banner below. This is one of the best affiliate marketing tools available for such an affordable price. This membership is perfect for those just starting out or even for more experienced marketers who are looking to make more money.

February 10th – 12th, 2012 Niche Affiliate Marketing System Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The only way to get a ticket to NAMS7 is to become a MyNams Member. Use the Coupon Code MyNAMS85 to get an 85% discount.

  • To your affiliate marketing success!Eleanor McCallum
  • PS Don’t wait any longer to change your life. Click the banner to join now!

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