How to build a wordpress website ☆



Would you like to know the easiest and best way to build a website?

This article will explain most of the features available when you construct your website using WordPress.

A hosting service that uses cpanel is the first requirement. The most recommended hosting service is hostgator for building websites that are very attractive.

The many features available when you build with wordpress; including widgets, (such as Akismet, Calendar, Links and Text, to name a few) plugins, (such as Audio, Do follow, a Like button, and many others) are a definite helpmate when you are creating your wordpress website.

When using a hosting service that uses cpanel, you must first select an icon called “Fantastico”. Your next step is to use this to set up your wordpress site. From there it is all uphill and your first wordpress site is up and running and ready for you to modify and beautify.

Your hosting servicehostgator will then give you the information to start building your wordpress site using this format (http://your site name/wp-admin). ¬†Of course you would replace “your site” with the actual name of your website.


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