Technology-How It Helps to Enrich Our Lives ☆

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We don’t appreciate how blessed we are; living at this time, in the age of technology, in a peaceful country, with loved ones in very close proximity due to the technology available to all of us.

My daughter has made some recordings about my life for our family.   This activity is causing me to reflect on life with my mother and how it would have been to convey her memories in such a way.

We would have recordings of her playing piano and singing (only famous/wealthy people had recordings made in the early to mid 1900’s) duets that she and my step-father sang together and the choir in which they sang as well.

We could even make our own videos and upload them to youtube.   The kids of today learn all of this at a young age and probably don’t appreciate all that they have.   Perhaps some of them do because their fame started out with a youtube video.

The memories that we have from past times can be recorded now, however, even the clever sayings that our loved ones have left to us.

Anyway, the point of all this is that technology connects people, changes lives and is continually advancing.   In every field of endeavor we can see it all around us.

Today’s phones and cameras have unbelievable capabilities and what can I say about computers, except to say that in my estimation they are awesome.

Tomorrow’s technology will reach unimaginable heights and I certainly hope that I will be here for a few more years to see it.

Eleanor McCallum

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