What is Your Favorite Book (not including the bible) and Why? ☆


Reading can open up a world of imagination and discovery.   Books can entertain, and instruct.  “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss.  There are books on every subject and interest.   Some people read to escape into another world, some read to relax, some to learn and some just for something to do.   No matter why you read or what you read, or even if you read ebooks or printed books you probably find that you have a favorite type of book or a favorite author.

Eleanor at Granny Blogger says
“When I was younger my favourite book was “Wuthering Heights” by Emily
Bronte. I also saw the movie with Orson Welles and his hauntingly
handsome face in the part of Heathcliffe seemed to come to me quite often
in my teen years. However, after life got in the way for many years I did
not sit down to read very often. Now that I am retired I do read a lot
more and my tastes now run to mysteries & historical fiction.
My favourite book of this year then is “I’ll Walk Alone” by Mary Higgins
Clark. It is a modern mystery that I have read in the hardback version &
also on my Kobo ereader.”

Carol at Motivated to Learn says
“I like books that are a bit far-fetched, but actually could happen. (Not sure if that’s called science fiction or fantasy) One of my favorite authors writes for young adults. Her name is Margaret Peterson Haddix. The series I like most is called the Shadow Children and is about a society that doesn’t have enough food, so no more than two children are allowed per family. Those who are hidden by their families, rather than being killed, are blamed and hated for all of the ills of society. These books journal their efforts to survive in a society that doesn’t want them.”

Bridget at photos by Bridget says
“I love to read and read so many books, my favorite type are historical fiction. I have quite a few favorites but if I were to choose just one I would have to say the Chronicles of Narnia . This is actually a book series but I do have it in a hardbound volume as one book (I don’t think it is available this way anymore) I read this book when I was a kid and numerous times since then. I really enjoy fantasy books and C.S Lewis is a wonderful, entertaining writer. This book takes you to another world and you just enjoy the journey, there is no smut or awful characters or story lines that make you feel like you you are doing something wrong or missing out on something in your own life. It is just pure entertainment but you don’t feel like you wasted your time when you are done reading.

Melanie at Melanie Bremner says
“My favorite author is Mary Higgins Clark. She is a mystery writer with over 25 books under her belt. I would say she is the Stephen King of the mystery world. While I can’t say I have a favorite story of hers, I can certainly say that after reading her first book called “The Lottery Winners” which was about an elderly couple who win the lottery and then become sleuths and go around solving mysteries while on retirement, I was hooked. Mary writes in an easy going flow of text that you can barely put down once you get started. I recommend her books to any one no matter your age or gender.”

Kyle at Learn A Mac says
“I only read fantasy/ sci-fi books because it allows an escape from daily life. I read on average for 2 hours every night. I would have to say my favorite book (series) of all time is the wheel of time series by Robert Jordan. Incredibly well written and a fantastic story. My current reading list has roughly 100 books in the sci-fi, fantasy, and classic lit genres.”

What is your favorite book?

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