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E-junkie is not only for selling digital products, you can read all about this many faceted service and see for yourself.  In addition to selling there is a facility provided at E-Junkie whereby you can publish a newsletter to keep in touch with your buyers.

E-Junkie Review

E-junkie is basically a comprehensive distribution service of digital electronic products as well as physical goods available for anyone who has a product to sell.

They feature a marketplace to list your product and provide all the necessary payment processing and delivery of eGoods.

Simple, cheap and convenient to use. E-junkie provides the necessary buttons for a shopping cart and/or “Buy Now” that are easy to copy and paste onto your web page.

It is one of the few online ecommerce merchant marketplaces that allows for listing and selling both downloadable products as well as tangible goods.

A particularly great feature is that E-junkie hosts the digital product for you, collects payment then automatically sends the customer an email with the download link.

There aren’t any additional fees for anything either! Just the monthly charge of $5.

E-junkie also provides you with the opportunity to set-up an affiliate program with an extremely easy process to pay commissions via PayPal.

The range of customization of all automated communications with customers is also excellent.

I just don’t understand the eJunkie logo of what I think appears like a black demon blinking his eyes. It’s a bit disconcerting at first.

In my opinion, there simply isn?t a cheaper, easier, or better place to list and sell your products on the internet. The flexibility alone is well worth $5 a month. With all of the competition out there, finding an easy system that has you set up within only a short time is definitely an asset for many small business owners looking to grow their business online.

$5 a month to list up to 10 products and utilize 50MB of storage for your eproduct.

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Eleanor McCallum

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E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

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