How to Blog-Granny Shows the Way ☆

If you are looking for a way to learn the ins and outs of how to blog here is a guide to start you on a blogging career. With the methods explained in this detailed and easy to follow guide you will learn the basics of Word Press and Blogger, from setting up to publication. Self hosted blog options will be explained and how to set these up yourself for very little cash outlay. grannyblogger_small This guide will show you each step ,  from design, to themes, to widgets and plug-ins. The guide is filled with screen shots and pictures and full explanations of each step to be taken. Be sure to get this guide before you begin to create any type of blog. Follow each step in this tried and tested formula and you will have your first website set up and running in a very short period of time. Here is an excerpt from the Guide “How To Blog” * 32% of people blog to create a record of their thoughts. * 34% blog to increase their visibility in their field. * 20% blog to connect with others. * Less than 5% of those surveyed said they blog for revenues, which leaves 95% blogging for reasons other than making money directly from their blog. * According to who tracks over 113 million blogs online within their free community, there are over 175.000 new blogs published each and every day. So, by becoming a member of the blogging community, you will be joining millions of others who really enjoy what they are doing.

In today’s news – Have a look at this very informative infographic from AWeber that I received just the other day. AWeber is such a great company and you can learn all about them right on this website. Just look at the headings above.
Data and infographic by AWeber

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