Ancestry – Information Overload? ☆


Being a member of was originally quite wonderful and I gained many, many facts about my husband’s family and about my family.  Our tree has grown to almost unmanageable proportions and I find it very time consuming to be able to keep up with all the suggestions (hints from other members) related to all of the ancestors.  I would like to be able to go further back but the branches just seem to grow and flourish outwards only.


When I look at my list of persons, I can’t be quite sure in which section of the tree this or that person belongs and who they are in relation to the other ancestors.  For instance I just looked at the name Archibald Milloy and could not relate this person until (after looking at his tree) that this Archibald was my husband’s great-great grandfather on his mother’s side.

By looking at the above portion of the family tree it is easy to work your way back up from his grandfather to his great-great grandfather.

Do you find this easy or difficult to follow?

Please comment and voice your opinion.

To your researching success,

Eleanor McCallum

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