Vertigo – How I handle mine – 8 Tips

  1. When my left ear starts to pound, it is an indication that vertigo may be about to start.  However, deep breathing for several minutes can calm the situation.
  2. Remaining still & looking intently at a fixed object (even a bare wall) helps.
  3. Moving my feet up and down while seated relieves the heaviness & feeling of numbness in my feet & legs.
  4. When I am able to stand, walking back & forth in a room seems to restore my feet & legs to normal.
  5. Sometimes, even when vertigo is not present, a light headed feeling (as if I were drunk) stays with me for several minutes.  This can occur at any time.  Deep breathing & remaining still, seated on a chair, helps here also.
  6. Taking a very hot & long shower can trigger the vertigo at times, so it is best to tone down the length and water temperature of my showers.
  7. Drinking plenty of water during the day helps me as well.
  8. It is also a good idea not to remain in a room with fluorescent lights.

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To your good health,

Eleanor McCallum

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